Police, Crimea | Body found in Bjørndalspollen: These are the police hypotheses

Police, Crimea |  Body found in Bjørndalspollen: These are the police hypotheses

A dead man was found in Björndalsbolen in Lattefjord on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

As of Thursday afternoon, police still did not know who the deceased was.

No secure ID

“We have reviewed the missing person reports, but there is no identity of the person involved,” confirmed police prosecutor Lynn Scar Satre of the Western Police District.

No items or other items associated with the death were found.

– The deceased bears the appearance of lying for some time, and it is not clear whether the death occurred at the place of discovery or somewhere else, Sætre tells BA.

Patrolmen at the scene identified the deceased as a male. A post-mortem examination will be conducted on the person concerned on Friday this week.

Many hypotheses

The police are working on multiple hypotheses, and are conducting multiple investigations.

– Our hypotheses are that it could be due to an accident, illness or criminal offence, says the police lawyer.

Ruben Ottegalve from the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association and volunteers from Visit Bergen were cleaning the beach in West Bergen when they found the dead man lying in the sea for some time. The tourism association’s entourage is headed by tourism director Anders Nyland.

The beach cleaners immediately informed the police. Both the incident commander from the police, patrol and fire service arrived at the scene very quickly.

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Ruben Ottegalve found the dead man while cleaning the beach

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