13 injured after car crashes into Hamar nightlife queue – NRK Innlandet – Local News, TV & Radio

13 injured after car crashes into Hamar nightlife queue – NRK Innlandet – Local News, TV & Radio

Now the number of injured and damaged has reached 13. The police cannot say anything about the degree of severity, but NRK understands that it is, among other things, fractures.

– But we can say that none of the 13 will suffer life-threatening injuries, says Inlandet Police District Police Attorney Ingrid Hagen.

The owner of the self-driving car was stripped of his driver’s license and charged following the accident. The car has been booked and will be checked further.

Police are still working to find out why the car started rolling.

– We did witness observations and got video surveillance from the area. Hopefully, it will help clarify what happened on Friday and possibly also why it happened, says police attorney Hagen.

Crowded with people in the streets

The incident occurred at 9.20pm on Friday 7th July.

The car was at the Vangsvegen-Torggata junction above the Festiviteten pub when it started rolling down the street.

The sidewalk was crowded with people queuing to enter the club, and the car rolled into the queue some distance down the street.

QUEUE: The self-driving car pulled into this row in downtown Hamar.

Photo: Espen Aleksander F. Borresen/NRK

There were more people in town in connection with the L√łkkecup football gala, which was organized this weekend.

Police and ambulances were at the scene within minutes.

The police have questioned those who were injured and several other people who were there at the time of the accident.

– There were many people present. Our focus was on questioning those affected. But we also interviewed witnesses going on at the scene.

It may be appropriate to continue this for a while, says police attorney Hagen.

A car rolled into a crowd of people in Hamar.

Injured: The injured received immediate or hospital assistance after being hit by a self-driving car in central Hamar.

Photo: Alexander Nordengen Brevig/NRK

The Hamar municipality provided a crisis team in the municipality hall, but there were not many who benefited from it.


The driver, a local man in his 30s, is being charged under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act, which states that everyone must show care and attention so that no one is in danger.

The charge has not changed, and the man has now been assigned a defense attorney.

The police do not want to say what the accused explained in his questioning.

– There is still no indication that this was a deliberate act, says police lawyer Ingrid Hagen.

The car has been impounded and technical checks have been carried out.

Counsel for the accused, attorney Uwe Hermann Frang, has been appointed and therefore cannot comment on the case yet.

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