480 passengers were stranded on the Bergen Railway – NRK Westland

480 passengers were stranded on the Bergen Railway – NRK Westland

“Always a Train” is the title of an episode of Flexness. Not so on Norway's busiest railway line on Thursday night.

This was due to a freight train getting stuck between Myrtle and Hollingskeid.

Ban Nor said the weather was the reason for the train stoppage. A few hours after the freight train stopped, snowfall created a new problem.

An Oslo-bound passenger train was stuck at Myrtle for a long time. There are about 300 passengers on board. Since then it has been quiet until 01.30.

The second passenger train to Bergen has about 180 passengers. It is now in Haugastøl.

Snow throwers to the rescue

Shortly after 06.30 this morning, Ban Nor's press officer Olav Nordli was able to tell NRK that the train will be able to move again soon.

In Ustaoset, there is work outside the rail wind eye.

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– A freight train stuck on the Bergen railway line entered Myrdal. Now the big snowblower is plowing. It leads the night train over the mountain from Bergen to Oslo.

Meanwhile, the train to Bergen will have to wait for the area to be cleared and the train from Oslo to pass through.

Nordli thinks it will be close to 9 o'clock before the train to Oslo comes over the hill. Only then can the westbound train move towards Bergen.

Train in Ustaoset

Water and snacks were set up to help passengers on the train to Bergen.

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Over 12 hours from west to east

The train to Oslo should arrive in Oslo at 11.27 as early as 07.30 on Wi's website. It will probably take a little longer than this.

The train should actually arrive at 06.27. This means the journey up the mountain takes at least 12.5 hours.

The train to Bergen must have arrived at the same time. There, it is estimated at 12.15 per passenger.

– There is a lot of snow and wind, and hopefully it will be good with the current plan, Nordley says.

There should still be a “good atmosphere” on board, according to Vy.

Hot passengers

News officer Kaja Rinning Moen said the conductors go back and forth in the carriages sharing information.

In addition, they provide water and any food they can give.

The train was hot the entire time, and many passengers were still sleeping when NRK spoke to Moyan after 6 p.m.

– Moen says that evacuating the train is not considered, it is better to sit there and wait for it to open.

NRK has been in touch with Clarence Singh. He takes a train to Bergen and travels in a sleeping compartment.

Singh confirms what Moen says. He says the temperature is fine, the restaurant is open, and the train is quiet and peaceful.

– No confusion, most people sleep, he says.

Train in Ustaoset

Clarence Singh bought breakfast from an open restaurant.

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