75-inch 4K LCD TVs – A larger TV on a budget

75-inch 4K LCD TVs – A larger TV on a budget

A bigger TV on a budget

With one of these 75-inch devices, you can get a tremendous visual experience without costing a fortune. And so the stage is set for the big screen test!

20.10.23 – 09:00

Autumn is here, and it’s time once again to enjoy good TV entertainment. The choice of new films, series and games is almost unlimited. So, a sofa, a monitor, and a remote control can be your best weapons in fighting fall depression!

But, is your TV big enough? This is the thousand kroner question. If you’ve read our buying guides, you already know that the recommendation goes towards larger TV screens.

Obviously, screen size has an impact when it comes to visual experience, immersion, and overall entertainment factor. So, if you want to get the most out of your movies, sports and games, it might be worth thinking big the next time you buy a new TV.

75 inch speakers with high performance and affordable prices

As said, it’s been done: In our first group test of the fall, we collected four 75-inchers for competition. Samsung, Sony, Hisense and TCL are popular suppliers of large LCD displays, but they are also fierce competitors, and the race is tougher than ever!

Although we’re conscious of price in this test, we didn’t compromise on performance. All test participants have a 120 Hz LCD panel that ensures smooth movements and good future compatibility with modern video formats and demanding games. Many models also have direct LED backlights with local dimming for good contrast.

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Do you think the price will be too harsh, or 75 inches too large?

Are you sitting close to the screen, or is the wall of your house too narrow? Don’t worry – all test participants are also delivered in smaller versions such as 65-inch or 55-inch with similar performance.

What’s more, TV prices often tend to fall a bit now in the autumn and in the run-up to Black Week, when you can save thousands of pounds.

Our consistent advice is, as always, to choose a well-defined TV and go for it when it’s on offer, rather than buying the first and cheapest one you find. Always focus on quality, you won’t regret it.

We emphasize this when we test

We’ve collected a range of TV screens from many well-known TV manufacturers. The requirements are 75 inches, 4K/120Hz, HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, and a good user interface with the latest streaming services.

We tested the TVs against each other under controlled lighting conditions. In addition to image quality, where we place great emphasis on contrast, brightness and color reproduction, we of course also evaluated sound quality and overall ease of use.

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