These teams meet Brann in Mesterligaen – NRK Vestland

These teams meet Brann in Mesterligaen – NRK Vestland

SK Brann women’s team qualified for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.

It is the best and most generous company for women’s teams in Europe.

Brann is the first women’s team to reach what the tournament is now.

In the draw, it became clear that they would end up in a group with Lyon, Slavia Praha and St. Pölten.

The firefighters listened intently as the lottery was made. When Bran was placed in his group, there was wild cheering.

The entire team then pointed out Andrine Hegerberg, who will meet her sister Ada Hegerberg and Leon in the tournament.

– Always special

-We’ve met three times before. “There’s always something special about it,” says Andrine Hegerberg.

She is out with a knee injury, but will work hard to reach the Champions League. She herself describes that things have gone well so far. At best, it will be ready in December or January.

The first matches in the Premier League are scheduled to be held on November 14 and 15. The glossary will be ready on Saturday at 11am.

– They may arrive a little early, says Hegerberg.

– I will do everything I can. I don’t want to miss this.

She herself is satisfied with the draw.

-We must respect the difference. I see hope in this group, and that’s pretty much what we were hoping for.

Coach Martin Ho says it’s the same for him as to who they meet first.

– Everyone at this level is very good teams. We have to be at our best,” says coach Martin Ho.

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He pointed out that there will be no easy matches.

-We have to meet everyone anyway. We have to focus on this match, and then we will see how far it takes us.

There was cheering around the tables when Bran joined his group on Friday.

Photo: John Inge Johansen/NRK

Captain Cecily Redish-Kvamme believes the time ahead will be very exciting.

– I see it as a new opportunity for us to show off the good European opposition.

She describes being qualified as unrealistic.

– I don’t think we fully understand the scale of what we are involved in. “It’s historic and really cool to be a part of,” says Kvamme.

Great experiences for the girls, the team and the city

But unlike men’s teams that manage to qualify for the Champions League, Europa League or Serie A, which receive a large sum of money for participating, women’s teams have a smaller amount.

The Bodø/Glimt men’s team earned more than NOK 110 million for reaching the cup tie before the Round of 16 in the Conference League.

The Bran women’s team has about $3.5 million left to reach the group stage.

General Manager Christian Calvinis of SK Fire expects most of it to be lost during travel.

– From an economic standpoint, it is not of great importance. He says that the income is not greater than what will cover the costs we get.

to Bachelor’s He described a “scratch game.”

– Obviously the costs vary depending on who we hire and where we are going. He told the newspaper that hotels and travel cost money, and we imagine that “the match is zero,” which means that going with the team and coaches to three away matches in Europe will cost us about 300 thousand euros.

– But we can get extra income with the fans here, by winning matches. But the important thing is creating great sports experiences for the girls, the team and the city.

From next season, UEFA’s funds will be increased.

-We must value experiences and create an experience, so that next time we can recreate that kind of experience.

He thinks the group is exciting.

– It is not certain who will be number two in this group.

The Swedish club lost money

Swedish club Rosengård was last fall in the group stage. They beat Brann in the qualifiers.

But despite meetings with FC Barcelona themselves at Camp Nou, the whole thing has been a losing venture, according to the report Swedish Radio.

“We are in the red zone when it comes to playing matches in the Champions League,” sporting director Therese Sjogran told the state broadcaster.

LSK Kvinner has previously competed in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Then the tournament was organized in a different way.

According to Aftenposten, they simply lost money on the way Round of 16 final.

– The amounts of money today are much higher than when we were involved. If they can generate buzz around the games, sell a lot of tickets, and travel reasonably well, I don’t see them losing money, says LSK Women’s general manager, Stein Ellingsen.

UEFA Champions League Women's Qualifier: Brann SK - Glasgow City Bergen 20231018. Brann's Ingrid Stenvik after a 2-0 win in the UEFA Champions League qualifier in football between Brann SK - Glasgow City at Brann Stadium.  Photo: Tova Asyrud/NTB

Ingrid Stenvik after the 2-0 win in the Champions League qualifying match between Brann SK – Glasgow City at Brann Stadium. Now we await bigger missions in Europe.

Photo: Tova Asyrud/NTB

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