A frenzied man stopped on the plane

A frenzied man stopped on the plane
Placing the man on the floor: Six passengers helped put a man on the floor who was acting very menacing and stabbing a crew member with a broken spoon.

Passengers intervened when a man threatened to kill everyone on board the flight from Los Angeles to Boston.


VG wrote yesterday about the 33-year-old who attacked the crew on a plane and acted menacingly. He also tampered with the plane’s door and wanted to open it – which is technically not possible due to the air pressure.

Now a dramatic video from the flight has been captured by a passenger on the plane.

The man is shown screaming, screaming, and saying, among other things, that he is going to kill everyone on the plane. He gets up from his seat and shouts, “Where is the Internal Security? Pull out the gun. Don’t try to stop me.”

Suddenly he came out into the corridor with a pointed object as he walked toward the booth.

A cut spoon was in his hand, and the 33-year-old stabbed one of the crew members three times.

At the same moment, several passengers climbed out of their seats, trying to prevent him from entering the cockpit. They succeeded.

AP He spoke to Semik Gukasyan, who sat several rows behind the 33-year-old. He saw the man tampering with the emergency exit before he started screaming.

Along with five others, the spoon was ripped from the 33-year-old’s hand and placed on the ground.

– That man was really strong and faced a lot of resistance. We fought so hard to keep him down, says Gukasian, it was a real team work.

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“Everything broke out in a matter of seconds,” says Ghukasian, who said he had training in first aid and counter-terrorism.

A crew member found tapes that were used on the 33-year-old frenzied.

Then, it turned out that the 33-year-old had pulled the emergency exit handle.

He says he stabbed a crew member because he thought he was attacking him, and claims he ended up doing so in self-defense.

The man now risks life in prison.


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