A German man took 90 doses of coronary artery vaccine

A German man took 90 doses of coronary artery vaccine

The man from Magdeburg is said to have received up to 90 doses at a vaccination center in the eastern state of Saxony.

The black market for vaccination permits

The purpose of all the potions was that he had 90 salable certificates with valid dose numbers that could be resold to people who didn’t want to be vaccinated.

Germany has seen high infection rates in recent weeks. Therefore, there was a requirement to obtain permits for vaccinations to be able to use, among other things, restaurants, nightclubs and other social gathering places.

Several months ago, the German police carried out several raids in connection with the forgery of vaccination passports.

The case was covered in many foreign media.

Hell by chance

So far, multiple doses of corona have not had any noticeable effect on the man’s health. This is despite the fact that the vaccines were from different manufacturers.

Watchman The 60-year-old has reportedly not been remanded in custody, but is under investigation for issuing vaccination cards and forging documents.

Case created

It took months before it was discovered. The police only intervened after appearing at the same vaccination center two days in a row.

In addition to confiscating several blank vaccination cards from his possession, the police opened a case against him.

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