A hesitant end to the US trading week – major indices crawl higher

A hesitant end to the US trading week – major indices crawl higher

This is how the most important indicators look after less than four hours of trading in the US stock market:

  • The S&P 500 rose 0.2%
  • The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 0.2%.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.2 percent

This means that the US stock market is largely breaking the trend that has prevailed this week – one decline after another, just enough in small steps each time.

Black Rock was surprised

In parallel, the dollar has retreated somewhat from its highest levels in just over six months, after a week marked by very large currency movements and a growing gap between the economic outlook of the United States and the rest of the world. In the United States, there are signs that the economy is generally accelerating, while growth is slowing in Europe and China.

– The rise in the price of the dollar that we have witnessed recently surprised us, commented Laura Cooper, a strategist at BlackRock, to Bloomberg.

She added: – We wonder how long this can continue, largely because we expect the US central bank to indicate a “tight” pause.

Speaking of the US central bank – the Federal Reserve will present a new interest rate decision in a week and a half, and market participants seem to be largely in agreement that the interest rate will be kept unchanged – until further notice.

The market is divided in its view on what Fed Chair Jerome Powell and the rest of the Fed’s interest rate committee will decide in November — according to CME’s Market Pricing Overview of Fed Rates, players are anticipating a roughly 55 percent chance of a November rise.

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However, New York Federal Reserve Branch CEO John Williams commented on Thursday this week that he considered US monetary policy to be “in good shape”, after the central bank raised interest rates quickly and widely over the past. A year or so.

Apple shares are recovering

This week, Apple shares made headlines by cutting more than $180 billion from their market value due to news that China will ban government employees and employees of state-owned companies from using iPhones.

The loss in value was represented by a drop in the stock price, which amounted to at most 7.7 percent, but on Friday, Apple shareholders regained some of what they lost – the stock rose more than one percent on Friday evening.(conditions)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and/or our suppliers. We would like you to share our cases using links that lead directly to our pages. No copying or other use of all or part of the Content may be permitted except with written permission or as permitted by law. For more terms see here.

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