December 7, 2022


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- A little conspiratorial - VG

– A little conspiratorial – VG

Participate in a lot: As a businessman, Magnus Carlsen participates in a lot of chess events.

Hans Niemann’s mentor and ex-boyfriend, Maxim Delogi, claims that Magnus Carlsen and influential chess site are plotting the case against Niemann.


On August 24, announced that they would buy Magnus Carlsen’s Play Magnus Group in a deal worth about NOK 820 million. Carlsen’s Magnusschess Company is Play Magnus’ second largest shareholder.

– This link is highlighted, often in a slightly conspiratorial way, and it is suggested that Magnus gain access to documents and the like. It’s clearly a topic for Niemann defenders and/or Magnus detractors. This discussion shows that the link can erode their credibility, says NRK chess commentator Torstein Bae.

Maxim Dluji, himself a high-ranking chess player, uses the acquisition to argue that the company’s credibility is low.

Furthermore, he claims that Camp Carlsen is obtaining classified documents and the like from in connection with the acquisition.

– Do you have any kind of evidence for that?

– The clue comes from how many members they have, how many matches have been played and the like. My proofs lie in a clear logic. Daluji answers: All of these benefits from the attention this issue has received.

Carlsen also owns, through PMG, ownership of, among other things, the Champions Chess Tour major, summary news website Chess24 and chess magazine New in Chess. Thus, he has direct ownership interests in both tournaments and the media around chess. is the largest online chess platform. They submitted a longer report in which they believed proves that Hans Niemann cheated online in over a hundred games.

The report also discussed whether the American was cheated on the board of directors – without being able to prove it The Occurred.

The last point is central to Nieman’s decision to sue for defamation he believes he has suffered. in lawsuit Niemann’s legal advisors write that and Play Magnus Group (PMG) are working on a chess monopoly, and they question whether’s job is to discuss whether or not Niemann cheated on the board.

The issue is whether will be considered a traitor when they have financial interests in Magnus Carlsen. It’s about the credibility of the investigation, says Jan Friedthof Burnett, professor of law at the University of Bergen.

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He stresses that the law here can be uncertain, and believes that the key here should be the ethical and reputational aspects of the conflict and how to deal with it.

– It would be very unfortunate if doubts arise about the quality of these investigations. This is an issue that greatly affects the credibility of the entire chess community, and thus the chess site as a whole.

According to, the acquisition should take six to eight weeks to complete, during which time Magnus Carlsen began a general chess war against Hans Niemann.

Father and manager Henrik Carlsen did not respond to VG’s inquiry on the matter. Don’t enter responded early to a possible objection to the report: “Did Magnus ask us to close Hans’ account on and/or withdraw the invitation to the World Championship (CGC)?” He answered his question in the categorical negative. They later write that is acting on their own interests and that they operate independently of Magnus.

The relationship between and Magnus Carlsen is interesting and raises questions. It’s natural to question the credibility of an investigation into a one-party-linked company, says VG commentator Leif Welhaven.

However, he is clear that there is not necessarily anything wrong with the survey as such, but that leaves itself open to questions about its credibility.

Correction: VG first wrote that Carlsen “receives criticism from opponents”. By “opponents” here was meant Dologi and Neiman. Dlugy is a former teacher and friend of Niemann and has threatened Carlsen with a lawsuit. Neiman sued Carlsen, but Neiman did not comment on Carlsen’s relationship with The article was paraphrased on 21.10, October 24, 2022.

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