A man fell into a crack in Sogn

A man fell into a crack in Sogn

Rescue teams were moved in after a man fell into a crevasse at Skagastølsbreen in Jotunheimen.

“The image was taken from the Floro rescue helicopter and shows the crack,” the Central Rescue Service writes of this image.
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At 11 a.m. Friday, HRS received a report that someone had fallen into a crevasse in the glacier at Sogn.

– The man must have fallen about ten metres, and may have fractured his foot. We don’t know how that happened. Others in the party must have been in contact with the man, says Operations Director Frode Koltveit for the Western Police District.

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The position is known

Rescue manager Seif Namork at Southern Norway’s Central Rescue Service says someone in a tour group made the call.

– The person said that another person fell into a crevasse, says Namork.

The police wrote that air ambulance, rescue helicopter and the local Red Cross are on their way. Moreover, the police wrote that the first rescue teams will be on the spot at around 11.45am.

BT was notified at about 11.50 that the climber is preparing and the procedure is considered relatively uncomplicated.

– The position is known, the weather conditions are good, Coltveit says.

There must be four people in the tour group, and the person affected must be a foreign national.

– We’ll be there soon. Air ambulance and the Red Cross will arrive first on snowmobiles, says the director of operations.

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In front of you is an air ambulance

He says the man he reported had to walk a short distance from the tour group to get phone coverage.

– The tour group should be well equipped. But I realized that it is not easy to wake him up again, and therefore they need help, says operations manager Kolltveit.

Shortly before 12:00, the police stated that an air ambulance had arrived in the area and monitored the tour group.

– The person is still crack down. I got extra clothes.

The rescue helicopter should be on the spot around 12.15 with representatives from the Alpine Rescue Group.

At approximately 12.40, HRS’s rescue manager Namork reports that a rescue helicopter is on site with a rescuer on the ground and working to deliver the patient.

He will then be airlifted to the hospital. Namork says it will be decided based on the extent of the damage.


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