A new survey shows that car owners are not afraid of hackers

A new survey shows that car owners are not afraid of hackers

Only five percent of owners are concerned that their cars could be hacked. This is demonstrated by a new survey conducted by YouGov for the Automotive Suppliers Association (ABL).

Another 17% are somewhat concerned, but do not consider the risk to be that great. 42% do not think there is any cause for concern. Mark others as I don't know, or the question is not relevant.

Piracy is a phenomenon that is developing with the increasing number of mobile computers in modern cars. It is likely that more and more people will see the importance of taking precautions, says Arild Hansen, Managing Director of ABL in a press release.

Take good care of your keychain

Theft of the vehicle itself is the most significant risk, according to Stein Peckevold, who was editor of the magazine Teknisk Ukeblad for a number of years and who is trained as an aeronautical and automotive engineer.

– An electronic key is a wireless transmitter that can access the vehicle and can be read even without physical possession. By taking good care of it, and not letting unauthorized people get close enough to extract data, you can make it difficult for a thief, says Beckevold.

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It is currently considered that the risk of hackers taking control of the vehicle while the owner is driving is low.

– It is not impossible, in the same way that it is possible to break into a smartphone. But it's complicated, and the car must be connected to the Internet. At the same time, vulnerabilities increase as the number of connected electronic systems increases.

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Among the potential risk points discussed in relation to this type of hacking are data collected via apps, mobile phone signals, navigation system, car radio and wireless tire pressure monitoring.

Good habits provide more security

The fact that vehicle software updates are largely done online could also open up an opportunity for hackers, points out Simen Hughes, Managing Director of Simco AS. Østfold specializes in automotive electronics, repair, diagnostics and support.

– For owners, it is important to establish good habits to ensure the best possible safety, including knowing where to park the car. A private yard or garage is safest, while the risk increases if the car is parked near a curb or in large parking facilities, Hughes says.

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If you have to use public parking facilities, he recommends installing a steering lock to secure the car as much as possible.

The survey conducted by ABL showed that women are less concerned about being hacked than men. Older car owners are also much less concerned than younger ones.

– Going forward, it will be important that risks are well communicated. Not by engaging in panic-mongering, but through sober consumer information, says Arild Hansen.

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