A new tool to better secure Norway’s secrets

A new tool to better secure Norway’s secrets

The defense sector is constantly exposed to cyber attacks. Now the defense commander gets better weapons in the fight against the invaders.

NSM’s Sophie Nyström delivers high-tech military green boxes to Defense Chief Erik Kristofferson at the Defense Museum in Akershus Castle.

The short version

On Thursday, General Erik Kristofferson received an early Christmas gift from Sophie Nystrom. She’s the boss National Security Authority, National Security Authority, Norwegian National Notification and Coordination Authority for Serious Data Attacks and Other Cyber ​​Security Incidents. Assumes overall responsibility for preventive security services and security work in the military and civilian sectors.Breeze.

The “gift” is a major upgrade to NSM’s notification system for digital infrastructure, VDI. Simply put, an advanced burglar alarm. They can also be taken on quests.

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