– A piece of Hollywood in Norway – E24

– A piece of Hollywood in Norway – E24

The luxury home “Villa Granholt” in Asker is up for sale again. The market for such houses is very demanding and foreign clients are now being targeted.

Villa Granholt is listed for NOK 90 million.
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When figure skater, film actress, and art collector Sonja Henie (1912-1969) had several Olympic gold medals in her trophy bag and made her way as an actress in Hollywood, the need arose for a luxurious place to spend the summer in Norway.

In 1938, “Villa Granholt” was built in Nesbro in Askar, a property of less than 650 square meters. Now the mansion is for sale again.

the price? 90 million Norwegian kroner.

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looking abroad

Just over a year ago, the villa was also for sale, at that time with an asking price of NOK 100 million, but the owner wasn’t happy with the bids that were made.

– Apparently, some customers who could actually buy have left the country. We are now focusing a little more on the international market. We will market the drug in foreign channels, says lawyer Aud Kalsnes at Boa Eiendomsmegling to E24.

The villa in Askar is inspired by the Hollywood mansions of the 1930s.

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He says this is how Sonja Henie used the villa herself: She lived abroad and used it as a vacation home.

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– Foreign buyers benefit from the kroner exchange rate now, and get a 20 percent discount. It has previously been very successful selling Norwegian properties to foreigners who use them as vacation homes, says Kalsnes.

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Hollywood inspired

Villa Granholt is inspired by the look of Hollywood mansions in the 1930s. The house contains, among other things, a chauffeur’s quarters, a movie room, a music room, and a private dock.

– The nice thing about the villa is that much of the original from that time has been preserved. The hope is that whoever buys the house will rehabilitate it as it is, according to him.

– It could also be in Beverly Hills. It’s a piece of Hollywood in Norway, says Kalsnes.

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some remained

Although Kalsnes acknowledges that the real estate market in this price range is more demanding than before, he says the interest is there.

Not all of Norway has moved to Switzerland, but some potential clients have moved to Switzerland. You have to have good liquidity, and you have to take a number of steps in terms of maintenance, he says.

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