Weather, Northern Norway | The weather will change soon

Weather, Northern Norway |  The weather will change soon

In most areas, it will be Norwegian summer for the next few days, around 20 degrees, sunny and some rain.

The exception is Nordland, where the temperature drops.

Summer has arrived in Northern Norway. The heat continues in Finnmark, but there will be a short break at the weekend in Nordland and eventually Drams.

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On Thursday, it will rain in Nordland, and the rain will move towards Trams on Friday.

Then the temperature drops to 11-12 degrees.

– It has been summer until now, but now the cold air is coming, says Ingvild Villa, meteorologist on duty.

As a result, it will rain in Nordland on Friday and Midsummer’s Eve in Drams. Scattered rain will also occur on Saturday.

On Sunday, it looks a little better in Nordland, while it will rain in Trams.

The villa will assure you that the good weather will not take long breaks.

– The weekend just looks a little better. He says summer heat will return after the weekend.

Further north, in Finnmark, they have a summer climate.

– It will be relatively warm at 20-22 degrees. Locally, it will definitely be hotter, Villa says.

The weekend will be mostly dry, but there may be some rain in western Finnmark on Sunday evening.

In the middle of the country, there will be some rain on Thursday, especially in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal.

Hordaland and Rogaland also get occasional rain. Conditions will improve on Midsummer’s Eve, Friday, while rain continues in Møre and Romsdal and Trøndelag.

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Eastern Norway

However, by Friday evening, the rain will start to move away, and Saturday will see lingering weather and good sunshine.

— but Villa says the cloud cover will continue to shift throughout the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, another round of rain will fall, this time over much of western Norway.

Temperatures vary across the country. On Friday, it will be 18 degrees in the south, but 13-15 degrees in the north.

On Saturday and Sunday, the thermometer will reach 20 degrees and above in most places. The exception is north of Trøndelag, where it gets cooler.

– It’s always a bit uncertain with the temperature, but overall it looks promising, says Villa.

Much of southern Norway is at risk of forest fires, and many municipalities have banned barbecues and open fires.

So the celebration of Sankthan should take place without the traditional bonfire.

It has been raining in many places, including eastern Norway, for the past few days.

– This is certainly long-awaited for many. But from Thursday, the meteorologist says the rains will recede and the cloud cover will eventually crack.

Both Jupiter and Friday are promising for sun lovers in eastern Norway and Aktor. It’s also a bit hot. It will probably be 23-24 degrees. In some places it can be as high as 26 degrees.

– The whole weekend will be good in terms of sun and high temperatures. Cloud cover may change especially on Saturday.

There will be mostly sunny spells, but there may be showers in the afternoon. Humidity in the air also decreases.

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– The air will be dry on Thursday as the sun breaks through and dries up again.

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