“Modified Omigron” – BA.2:

"Modified Omigron" - BA.2:

Sub-variant of BA.2. In Norway, the rate is rising sharply elsewhere, according to the National Institutes of Public Health In its latest weekly report. The total number of cases increased from seven on January 4 to 611 on January 19.

PA.2. Spreads At record speed in Denmark, And immediately there is a dominant variation. It now accounts for half of all new epidemics in Denmark.

The sub variant is now registered in more than 40 countries ABC News.

Unknown properties

Properties of BA.2. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. 1. This is the original variant that was first proven in Norway – among other things At the Christmas table in Aker Brygge.

No change in vaccine effect or more serious diseases has been reported so far in the face of the new subtype.

HES: Assistant Director of Health Espen Naxstad Govt has been isolated after the infection. Editor: Christian Fijermeros
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Increasing in many countries

In an update On its website Monday, Writes the World Health Organization (WHO) Variation – «It differs from BA.1. In some mutations, including spike protein – increases in many countries.

In which B.A. 2 is not currently described as a variant of anxiety, but the WHO is now urging health officials and researchers to monitor and study the new subtype.

“Inquiries into the characteristics of BA. 2, including its” escape properties “and malignancy (pathogenesis, journ.anm.) Should be given priority over BA independently and relatively. 1», the website states.

It remains to be seen whether the WHO will choose to classify it as a separate variant with its own name.

Restrictions: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Naxstad explains what is important to remove additional restrictions. Video: Dagbladet TV. Reporter: Christian Fijermeros.
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Discover new infection peaks

FHI Chief Physician Preben Aavitsland told Dagbladet on Monday that he thinks the sub-variation could lead to A big wave of infection this winter.

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– We believe the sub variant is BA. 2 will magnify this winter wave. All Omigron types are good at avoiding previous immunity; That is why the omikron variant dominates, Aavitsland wrote in an email to Dagbladet.

Frode Forland, course director of the FHI, also called the Omigron variant BA. 2 lead to a wave of infection Coming sooner than expected.

– So far, there is no evidence of modified properties of this subgroup of Omigran in terms of vaccine effect and disease severity. But this is a short watch period, Forland Dagbladet said.

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