Politics, Halton Municipality | Halton is (almost) down on home ratings

Politics, Halton Municipality |  Halton is (almost) down on home ratings

119 Norwegian municipalities are ranked under the main theme of housing affordability. NBBL states that data and facts have been obtained from Statistics Norway (SSB), Directorate for Building Standards (DiBK), Socioeconomic Analysis (SØA) and Norwegian Real Estate Agency (NEF).

IN “Life Friendly Rating” NBBL ensures that the municipalities are able to build houses to the extent that they are able to build the right houses, as well as time consumption and fees are reasonable.

Housing is divided into the main themes of shelter and housing construction.


* Time. Time utilization in planning and case processing. Overall the picture captures how fast and efficient the municipality is.
* Cost. Subsidies and cost of services. It provides an overall picture of municipalities’ costs.
* Home production. Implementation and facilitation of planning and construction matters.
* Digitization. Measuring digital maturity in construction case management

Home Construction:

* Home production. A set of 3 indicators that collectively show actual housing construction in a municipality.
* Buying a house. Shows the municipality’s decisions on the chances of homebuyers getting suitable housing.

119 municipalities have been included in this award.

Halton finished 110th. In 119…

– It should be as simple as possible

Ragnhild Løchen (right) is the newly elected president Key Committee on Planning, Technology, Agriculture, Climate and Environment (HTEK).

She thinks it’s sad that Halton does so badly in the exam.

– In no way can we say that we are satisfied with this, he insists.

– As a municipality, we must do our best to make things as simple as possible, and we will do our best to help the business community.

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Lochsen will take a closer look at the reasons Halton is doing so poorly and focus on what can be done better.

– Close and good dialogue with the construction industry in the city, I think we can give important input on what we need to improve.

– Sufficient plots are ready for construction

The top 5 municipalities in terms of liveability are 1) Werdal, 2) Vestre Totten, 3) Ringsaker, 4) Modem and 5) Werdal. For municipalities in Østfold, Rakkestad stands out (16th place). Fredrikstad number 41, Sarpsborg 51 and Moss 76.

Aremark is not part of the award.

The nine municipalities that finish behind Halten in the ranking are Voss, Sogndal, Orland, Eidsvoll, Enabak, Nordkapp, Chordland, Namsos and at the very bottom: Watsø.

Among the 20 largest municipalities in Norway, Stavanger ranks first. They stand positive because:

* Relatively short implementation time for zoning plans: less than 2.5 years from the initial meeting to the final decision of the municipal council. In comparison, Oslo and Bergen use more than 5 years.
* The municipality has sufficient regulated residential plots to cover ten years of population growth
* They have lower fees for planning and construction matters, higher investments in water and drainage and roads
* Stavanger has no rejected private planning proposals – getting permission is easy

– Municipalities are the most important authorities to ensure that enough housing is built so that people can own their own home. Now home construction and new home sales are falling (to the lowest level since 2010). Bård Folke Fredriksen, CEO of NBBL, says that as the current uncertainty and interest rate confusion stabilizes and homebuyers come forward, it will be even more important for municipalities to regulate the availability of enough plots ready for construction to avoid housing shortages and violent price increases. .

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