Oslo, Munch Bridge | NRK: Oslo municipality appeals after diving accident aboard Munch

Oslo, Munch Bridge |  NRK: Oslo municipality appeals after diving accident aboard Munch

On 30 May 2021, former MMA athlete Keir Corey Nyland broke his back and was paralyzed in a diving accident at Munch Bridge in Sorenga, Oslo.

In June, Oslo municipality was ordered to pay compensation following a diving accident in Bjørvika two years ago. The municipality is now appealing the case to the Court of Appeals.

Richard Kongstein, director of communications at the Urban Environment Agency in Oslo Municipality, confirms the decision to appeal. NRK.

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Paralyzed in diving accident – Oslo municipality ordered to pay

– Indifference

The Oslo District Court ruled that the municipality of Oslo was negligent in failing to install adequate warning signs and safety measures at the bathing area.

Among other things, the municipality was ordered to pay Nyland NOK 781,250 in court costs. Nyland sued the municipality and claimed Munch Pier was badly marked.

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Paralyzed after diving accident in Sorenka: Keir Korey now takes Oslo municipality to court

The district court came to the conclusion that the security measures in place on the said date were inadequate.

I thought the municipality was responsible for compensation

The court believed that the shallow water in the area was 10 to 14 meters and warning signs were placed on the edge of the canal prohibiting diving, which would have been sufficient if the area had been used. The judgment states that the area is regulated for squares, promenades and seafronts.

At the end of the District Court’s judgment, Oslo Municipality was held liable for compensation for personal injuries suffered by Keir Korey Semsoilu Nyland in a diving accident at the wharf, but the compensation was reduced by 25 percent.

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