A “serious security vulnerability” was found in Tesla's Autopilot

A “serious security vulnerability” was found in Tesla's Autopilot

(E24) Tesla's Autopilot system is believed to have contributed to at least 467 collisions.

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In an analysis conducted by the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSATesla's Autopilot system suffers from a 'serious security vulnerability'. He writes CNBC.

The vulnerability is said to have led to at least 467 crashes, 13 of which ended in death, while “several other incidents” resulted in serious injuries.

The analysis is based on 956 incidents where the electric car manufacturer's autopilot system was supposed to be in use.

The analysis took nearly three years, and was published on Friday, pE24 calls.

Tesla's Autopilot design “led to predictable misuse and avoidable accidents,” the report cited by CNBC says. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the system did not ensure adequate driver attention.

NHTSA also says it is reopening a new investigation into the effectiveness of a software update Tesla previously released as part of the recall in December.

The voluntary recall was included via an over-the-air software update Two million cars in the United StatesThe driver monitoring systems in Tesla cars equipped with Autopilot were supposed to be improved. The reason for the recall was that the cars' automatic steering functions were not good enough to prevent misuse.

NHTSA notes in the report filed Friday that the software update may not have been enough, as incidents involving Autopilot are still being reported, CNBC reported.

Don't doubt technology

Tesla has long prided itself on its autonomous control systems. But in recent years, US authorities have questioned whether the systems are safe.

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In 2021, road authorities began requiring reporting of traffic accidents involving automated control systems.

In 2022 reported Reuters Tesla has been investigated for misleading advertising of the technology.

The company itself Claims, however Technology saves lives and prevents injuries, and therefore they are “morally obligated” to continue rolling out the technology.

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk indicated this week that they are betting the company's future on self-driving.

– If someone thinks that Tesla will not solve the problem of self-driving images, then I think they should not be investors in the company, Musk said during a call with investors following the presentation of the company's plan. Quarterly figures Tuesday.


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