– They have saved two lives

– They have saved two lives

Ambulance personnel are examining those who have fallen into the water. Photo: Vestfold Intermunicipal Fire Service

Two people were thrown into the sea at high speed in Westfjords on Friday evening. Another boat came to the rescue.

– Fortunately, it went well. But I think it's dramatic for all parties, deputy fire chief Stenner Nem tells VG.

Before 18.15, fire crews went out following reports of a boat accident in Vestfjorden, deep in Tønsbergfjorden between Nøtterøy and Stokke in Færder municipality.

Two people fell overboard at high speed.

When the dead man's button was out of use the boat circled, drifting away from the two men lying in the water.

Coincidentally, another boat passed by.

Emergency services were heavily involved at the wharf in Vestfjorden on Friday evening. Photo: Vestfold Intermunicipal Fire Service

– Deputy Fire Chief Nehm says he thanked the two men in the other boat for saving two lives this evening.

He adds:

– This is a good job by those who drove past. Given the temperature of the water, it may have been decisive that they passed right away.

People in the other boat said only one had a life jacket. But this should not have worked.

Photo: Vestfold Intermunicipal Fire Service

The two men were taken from the boat, where they were wrapped in duvets, and headed for Denwick. There, they were checked by the fire department, which was the first to arrive on the scene.

– They trembled a little. Maybe they sensed it was close to tipping point, Nehm says.

In order to gain control of the boat, the lifeguards had to drive over the side of the boat, which they towed into Denwick.

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It is not known how long the people were in the water. Knem says they were taken away by ambulance with minor injuries.

– Both were in pain after hitting the boat or water with great force.

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