A dream predicts a weekend in southern Norway – V.G

A dream predicts a weekend in southern Norway – V.G
SOL: A skier attacked the Krakja tourist hut in Hardangervidda.

Easter weekend will be glorious across southern Norway. “Remember to use sunscreen because the sun is going to be nice now,” meteorologists wrote on Twitter.

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The Met Office’s watchdog warns of high and light cloud cover, light winds and daytime temperatures of ten degrees south of Trøndelag.

– A lot of people are having good days on Easter Mountain, but watch out for avalanche warnings in the west and north, state meteorologist Ingrid Holland Soldal tells VG.

He says that sometimes the sun penetrates.

– Maybe it will look like good weather.

Eastern Norway got off to a gray start on Good Friday.

– After some snow on Thursday, the clouds retreated, says Soldl.

But now the sun is shining for most people in the Southeast, his colleagues say on Twitter. So it will continue over the Easter weekend.

– High pressure gives clear weather across southern Norway. Only in Rogaland will there be a bit more cloud on Sunday, with possibly some rain at the end, says Soldahl.

But after sunny days in the north, gray weather is telling. From Friday evening, precipitation is expected in Trondheimsfjorden and northwards.

– It rains in Trøndelag and rain and snow in Nordland and Finnmark. Precipitation will taper off Saturday, but it will still be gray in the north, Soldahl says.

“It’s time to invent board games,” meteorologists ask on Twitter.

On Maundy Thursday, it was 13.6 degrees in Reiba country in Meloy Nordland.

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Map of snow depth It shows that most of the country is still closed. In western Norway the beard is found only on the coast and in the fjords.

– Recently fallen snow does not disappear overnight. But the meteorologist on duty says the forecast will be milder in the south and less frosty overnight in the west.

According to varsom.no The risk of avalanches is moderate in the west and north and in Jotunheimen.

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