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He wanted to kill people at a party – he was eventually stoned.

One person was shot and killed, and three others were injured at a plantation party in Fort Worth, Texas.

The reaction of the party guests: they chased the gunman and threw bricks – until he died! This was confirmed by authorities in Texas.

According to police, the shooter was repeatedly hit by at least one stone and died at the scene. The person sentenced to death must now determine the exact cause of death.

The culprit knows the victims!

Because: At first, the culprit himself attended the party, but later regretted it. When he returned with another man shortly before 1 a.m., he was arguing with other guests before starting to target people. When some of them ran after him to escape, he turned and shot again.

According to police, the guests eventually threw bricks at him. Unknown previously, the culprit fell to the ground and shot three more people from there, one of whom died. He also did not escape stone attacks.

Apparently a neighbor found two bodies in his body and called the police. “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” newspaper reports. The murder weapon was confiscated.

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