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Russlands utenriksminister Sergej Lavrov

– UiT is in a situation where we can no longer communicate with the person who is causing massive destruction in violation of international law. This is completely contrary to all our values, and I support the plan to deprive Lavrov of his honorary doctorate, said UiT board member Jonas Stein when the board met on Monday afternoon.

UiT Rector Doc Rune Olsen said last week that he would discuss the honorary doctorate of the Russian Foreign Minister at the next meeting, on March 17.

Many who thought it was long.

Clear speech: Board member Jonas Stein delivered a thunderous speech against Sergei Lavrov and the Russian regime at today’s board meeting.

Photo: Anne Sophie Ronfeld / NRK

At an extraordinary meeting on Monday, the committee unanimously agreed to take the title from Lavrov.

– Board member Marine Irene Corey Buckevol said there were few who were involved in deciding whether to start this war and who had a chance to end it.

– This is a struggle against the regime in Russia, not for the Russian people. But a solidarity with the Russians who have been imprisoned for taking to the streets and exercising their democratic rights. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the Russian people.

Met after criticisms

In recent days, many have criticized the UiT for failing to act quickly to remove the Russian honor on the ball, thus distancing itself from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Among them is Parliamentarian Erland Swartall Poe (H):

– There is no respect in contributing to gross violations of international law by going to war against innocent people who believe in freedom and peace. Said the politician on Sunday.

Jens Stoltenberg called 2010 a historic day in which Norway and Russia reconciled on the Bright Sea.

More staff and Students at the university He has been talking about deleting the title in recent days.

But it was not that simple. The university does not have guidelines on how to remove such an honorary degree, and they will work now.

Just a few months ago Lavrov paid a visit to Tromso, Is the headquarters of the University. At the time, Norway and Russia agreed to an EU proposal to ban oil exploration in the Arctic.

Today, the situation of neighboring countries in the East is completely different.

Lavrov and Soride at the Borderland Museum in Kirkenes.

Another time: Sergei Lavrov and then Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soride (H) at an event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Eastern Finmark in 2019.

Photo: Haiko Junge / Haiko Junge

– He is actively involved

Lavrov received the honorary doctorate at the same time as then-Foreign Minister Jonas Kare Store. Then they had After 40 years of negotiations, a dividing line agreement was recently signed between Norway and Russia..

Jarley Arbaque was the rector of the university when Lavrov was graduated.

– Then the situation is completely different. “We were in a tidal wave then and we achieved a lot by cooperating with Russia,” he said.

Orbakke says that today is frustration, anger, sadness.

Jarley Orpake

Disappointment: Former UiT Rector Jarley Arbakke.

Photo: Eric Hind Sweeney / NRK

– I listened to Lavro’s statements and saw what he was involved in now. I agree with those who say he is seriously involved. It completely changes my situation.

He calls what is happening in relations with Russia a “surrealistic explosion of a relationship.”

– Especially in the north, it is good. Rebuilding it will be the main challenge, says Arvakke.

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