A small group of the population in the United States eats half of the beef

A small group of the population in the United States eats half of the beef

Of the more than 330 million people living in the country, a small group of just 12% was found to account for half of beef consumption.

Young and old ate the least

When the researchers looked more closely at this 12%, they found that there was a preponderance in men and people between the ages of 50 and 65 who ate what the researchers call a “disproportionate” amount of beef.

The researchers base this claim on the latest US Dietary Guidelines, which recommend that a person who consumes 2,200 calories per day should eat a maximum of about 110 grams of meat, poultry and eggs combined per day.

The groups that ate the least meat were under 29 and over 66.

The study published in the scientific journal Nutrientsis based on a public survey of the eating habits of more than 10,000 American adults between 2015 and 2018.

The researchers say they were surprised that such a small percentage of the population accounted for such a high consumption of beef. But they don’t know yet whether the results are encouraging or not.

“If it’s only 12 percent that accounts for half of consumption, we can make significant gains by connecting with this group,” says lead author Diego Rose. In a press release.

“On the other hand, the 12 per cent may be more reluctant to change their diet,” explains the professor, who hopes the findings will help target awareness campaigns in the future.

The global food system emits 17 billion tons of greenhouse gases annually, which is about a third of all that humans produce.

hero New report From the green research center Consito also shows that Danish beef consumption emits eight million tons of carbon dioxide2 into the atmosphere each year, which means that beef alone accounts for 55 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions of Danish food.

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