A teenager is accused of killing a pregnant woman

A teenager is accused of killing a pregnant woman
Attack: The pregnant woman was about to get into her blue car when she was attacked. Police are investigating the scene here.

A third man, 18, was charged this week and questioned after a heavily pregnant woman was stabbed and killed in Denmark in early November. The woman’s unborn child died five days after the attack.


Four weeks have passed since the murder that rocked Denmark. A pregnant woman was severely stabbed and killed outside the nursing home where she worked in Holbeck.

The 37-year-old woman, who was seven months pregnant, was on her evening duty and was about to get into the car when a man attacked her and pulled her out of the car.

It is said that the pregnant woman was stabbed in the body, legs and arms and her throat was slashed with a knife. She was pronounced dead in the hospital, but the doctors initially managed to save the baby.

Five days after the attack, The woman’s child also died.

BEFORE: Police cordoned off areas outside the nursing home where the victim worked.

A few days after the attack A 24-year-old man was arrested. He was accused of the murder. The next day, a 33-year-old woman was arrested and charged.

According to the charge, the woman planned and encouraged the killing via the WhatsApp messaging service, among other things, while the man carried out the killing.

The Danish police stated that both of the accused were relatives of the victim. All three were Afghan nationals.

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This week, a third person was arrested:

On Thursday, an 18-year-old man was charged with complicity in the November 3 murder of a 37-year-old pregnant woman. He wrote that he was arrested on Thursday morning and brought in for questioning extrabladet.

The eighteen-year-old was released later that day, but was still charged with complicity.

It is not clear how the police believe he was involved in the brutal killing, and what kind of information they think they have against him, NTB/Ritzau writes.

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Denmark: A child of a murdered pregnant woman died

A 37-year-old pregnant woman was stabbed to death in Denmark on Thursday last week. The unborn child was admitted to the hospital.

The brutal murder rocked Denmark and Extrabladet spoke to friends of the dead 37-year-old who told of how happy she was with the pregnancy.

– She talked about moving away from the neighborhood with her children, so that they could have a better life and live in a less burdensome area, the anonymous friend told her extrabladet.

The friend’s child and the murder victim’s child were supposed to play together the day after the murder.

– We are deeply, deeply shocked. It’s not realistic. Because we knew them as well as we did and because the children will visit us on Friday. The man says she is getting closer.


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