Abortion, Health Bergen | Health Bergen: Moves abortion limit to 22 weeks

Abortion, Health Bergen |  Health Bergen: Moves abortion limit to 22 weeks

“We believe that the limit for self-determination should be at the end of the 22nd week, after which there should not be an absolute ban,” Helles Bergen writes in its advisory response. Television 2 First refers to the advisory response.

– Because we believe that no one but the woman has a medical reason to make the final decision. That was our starting point, Marta Epping, special director at Hells Bergen, tells TV 2.

In December, the Abortion Committee, after a review of the Abortion Act, presented its decision to the Minister of Health and Care, Ingwilt Kerkol. There they agreed to extend the limit for self-determined abortions from the 12th week to the 18th week. KrF leader Olaug Bollestad strongly criticized this.

– The extension of the limit on free abortion would seriously weaken the legal protection of unborn life. This puts human dignity under greater pressure, Pollestad told Netavisen at the time.

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So Health Bergen goes further than the abortion panel and believes that setting the limit at 18 weeks is not medically justified.

Haukeland University Hospital senior doctor Elham Baghestan sat on the abortion committee and was the only one to vote for an extension to 22 weeks. He is very satisfied with Hells Bergen's consulting response.

– This shows that my colleagues at Hells Bergen agree with me. They also agree with me that the resources we are using to sit in the tribunal should be used elsewhere to take care of the woman, she tells Pakistan TV 2.

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Many hospitals have also submitted their advisory responses. In their consultation response, the Innlandet Hospital expressed support for the abortion committee in extending the limit to the 18th week. In their responses, St. Olav Hospital and Oslo University Hospital did not decide in which week the limit should be set.

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