February 4, 2023


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According to Energi Norge, in cases where a breach of the law is revealed, it is clear that the energy companies must reimburse the costs imposed unnecessarily.

According to Energi Norge, in cases where a breach of the law is revealed, it is clear that the energy companies must reimburse the costs imposed unnecessarily.

Criticism of electricity companies that The Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority for Television 2 Taken seriously by the corporate member organization.

– Energi Norge cannot accept that our members are breaking the law. We fully support the authority in cracking down on breaches of the law,” says Ulf Müller, business policy advisor at Energi Norge.

Energi Norge is a subsidiary of NHO, a stakeholder organization and employer representing electricity companies.

harder to ask

– For several years now, we have been calling on the authorities to tighten their grip, Mueller tells TV 2.

We must remember: this is what Ulf Müller of Energy Norge has to say about electricity companies’ violations of the law.

Energi Norge has no record of the extent of violations of the law.

– We have confidence that the Consumer Protection Authority is doing a good and good job, and we see no reason to doubt the allegation that many have acted illegally. We welcome what’s happening now, Mueller says on TV 2.

– Sorry

– If electricity providers have committed an offense, we apologize on behalf of the industry. In any case, Mueller says, crimes are unacceptable.

Energi Norge is actively working for a better and more open electricity market, and Müller says the “safe circulation of electricity” is the most important tool.

– Last year we introduced there conditions that precede laws and regulations by a large margin. After the change in the price regulation and settlement regulation from November 1 of this year, we are now putting in place more requirements that will require electricity suppliers to expand, explains Müller.

They must be punished and apologized

Møller and Energi Norge have a clear message for TV 2:

Pure infractions should be punished and regretted.

– Should businesses in some cases reimburse portions of the amounts associated with unnecessary imposed expenses, in cases where it is clear that the matter relates to misleading marketing and proven wrongdoing?

– In cases where a wrongdoing is detected, it is clear that companies must reimburse costs imposed unnecessarily.

Mueller points out that so-called misleading marketing is more challenging.

– Many of our members will claim to have marketed and informed clients well. At the same time, the electricity market has been a low priority area for many customers as we have historically had low prices in Norway.

Customers also have an independent responsibility to read the terms that are sent to them, which not many do. At the same time, Energi Norge believes that information can still be improved.

– something we’re working on with Trygg strømhandel.

There is no reason to doubt

Müller believes that the description given to the Norwegian consumer protection authority seems “too general”, but believes there is reason to believe that some companies have acted as described.

– We have no reason to suspect Forbrukertilsynet. At the same time, irregularities are described without specifying which ones, or whether it was clear that customers lost money as a result.

According to figures from Energi Norge, nearly 80 percent of consumer customers are on spot price agreement.

There, suppliers compete for profit margins. This should be mentioned by Trygg strømhandel. Then there may be many irregularities that do not directly affect the price, but in any case we do not accept irregularities.

Energi Norge introduced the Safe Electricity Trading procedure to avoid the conditions disclosed by the Consumer Protection Agency.

Preventing the sale of electricity at the gates

– Although only 23 companies participated, they represented nearly two million customers out of a total of 2.5 million customers. We are now tightening requirements for the safe trade of electricity and banning street and door sales, for example. We know this is probably the biggest contribution to complaints, as there is often claim against claim, Müller says and notes that Energi Norge wants to cooperate more closely with the Norwegian consumer protection authority in the future.

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