Accused of bribery

Accused of bribery

In November last year, an investigation into Swedish environmental crimes was launched against Heimstaden Bostad and Swedish life insurance company Alika, with corruption being one of the charges. According to the Swedish Public Prosecutor's Office, there must be serious bribery, serious acceptance of bribes and serious betrayal towards the client.

Now the case gets new elements. according to Sources for Dagens Industri It concerns managers at Alecta, who were responsible for investments in Heimstaden Bostad, who are suspected of having been bribed by the company's founder and main owner, Norwegian Ivar Tollefsen.

Among other things, there are suspicions that Alecta employees had exclusive vacations in South Africa and France, writes Dagens Industri.

Meanwhile, the newspaper wrote that the investigation is proceeding slowly because Elekta will not hand over sufficient information.

The bosses had to go

Alekta, Folksam and the Swedish Pensions Authority have invested tens of billions of pension funds, especially in recent years, in Hemstaden Bøstad. Finansavisen previously wrote that Alecta alone raised NOK 49 billion – the largest investment the company has ever made.

In the spring of 2023, CEO Magnus Billing was fired, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alecta resigned after the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority launched an investigation.

Last year, Alecta reduced the values ​​of Heimstaden Bostad by up to 25 percent, or SEK 12.7 billion. Of this amount, $8.7 billion was written off in the fourth quarter.

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