AI is not the answer to everything

AI is not the answer to everything

What is the need and scope in the market? What new services can we develop using new technology? What quality standards will increase competitiveness – and can we deliver them better using digital solutions? What routine tasks can be automated and digitized? What data do we have that can form the basis for new products and services?

The answer to these questions is not necessarily artificial intelligence. It could be, but they're also completely different technologies. Perhaps the answer is digitization, data analysis, cloud migration, or automation? Those who do not revamp their strategy and allow technology to be a part of it are neglecting themselves and falling short of the competition. But focusing on value is crucial – and that too after the launch of generative AI.

The most promising use case for AI in the near term is personalized customer experiences. Our contact center automation, service robots and knowledge dissemination solutions make a difference internally with our customers and towards the end customers. At the same time, we are seeing that more and more of our clients want to try generative AI to further themselves on the research side. Examples include the rapid development of new medicines and the more energy-friendly design of physical industrial products. The possibilities are many.

AI will never get smarter than humans who understand what technology can do – and what it cannot do. It's about knowledge and overall strategy.

The technological changes we have experienced have taught us what works and what doesn't. Leaders need this insight to succeed. It is not the technology itself that creates value. It is the ability of companies to adapt to technology and find good areas of use that determines whether the technological transformation will be successful.

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The scope of the ongoing technological transformation is larger and more powerful than anything we have seen before, and the potential value is enormous. Business managers must therefore take action early – and not put the introduction of co-pilots on autopilot.

Jens Medburg

CEO of Capgemini Norway

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