Apple’s plans revealed…maybe? – Etavisen

Apple’s plans revealed…maybe?  – Etavisen

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, an Apple expert at the newspaper, the company will continue to launch Macs this year with upgraded internal components.

Potential transformation

There has been a lot of volatility as no press conference was announced early this month. November is quickly approaching and with it pre-Christmas marketing. not unheard of Apple may launch new products as early as November, but this is not a trend for the reasons mentioned.

Gorman is talking about an iMac that Apple will launch on the eve of the month (October 30 or 31), but as the same person previously reported: These models jump directly to Apple’s new, yet-to-be-announced M3 chip. It seems strange if Apple launches new Macs with the M3 without making much of them, and doesn’t update the MacBooks at the same time.

Gorman didn’t say which M chip will eventually be in the new iMac this winter. Looking beyond that, Gorman still has confidence in the 32-inch iMac, but not until late next year or 2025.

iOS 17.1 will be released next Tuesday.

MacBooks can also be upgraded, but only with new internal components

However: The MacBook Pro 14 and 16 in many different configurations cannot be delivered until mid-November. So yes; Maybe there will be a big Mac launch on the eve of the year after all. MacBooks with the M2 were launched in January this year.

There were also iPads that we never thought would be upgraded this year, and now Gurman is backing that up by reporting that the iPad 11, iPad mini 7, and iPad Air 6 will be upgraded in March/spring. We also expect the iPad 9th to be retired. Apple has also launched a cheaper pen with a USB C port.

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Critics believe that there are too many iPad models in Apple’s stable of devices, but the company apparently doesn’t think so if it plans to upgrade all models if not So For a long time. iPad Pro models with the same panels (we are still waiting for concrete rumors about iPads with larger displays), but with a new design, are also expected next year, but we do not know if the Pro models will arrive at the same time.

It’s “one last thing” from Gorman: Siri. Rather, Siri works correctly with artificial intelligence. Apple has reportedly been surprised by how quickly ChatGPT and similar services have taken off, and has reportedly accelerated the development of something similar with a supposedly finally smarter Siri. We wrote about this this summer. Gorman believes that an updated Siri with LLM could be launched next year, that is, in iOS 18. We think so too: Apple can’t sit back and wait any longer, especially since Siri is already so weak.

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