Eda Vaktskjold stood guard in Skjold

Eda Vaktskjold stood guard in Skjold

Christmas Calendar 2023: Slot No. 2

Guard at SKJOLD: At the first service, many people thought it was funny that Vaktskjold was standing guard at Skjold in Målselv.

Many people think Ida’s name is nonsense when they first talk to her.

In this year’s ‘Defense Forces Defense Name’ Christmas Calendar, the Defense Forum poses various questions to people associated with the Defense Forces, who have a defense-related surname. How the title shaped your ministry, funny stories, and not least the birthday question. The column looks at a new nickname every day until Christmas Eve. This will be a tribute to everyone whose title in the Army has been commented on.

Name an incident in which your surname was used in a situation in the armed forces.

– The first time my name was commented on, the staff was already in session. Before that, I didn’t think much about my last name.

– I worked as a battalion union representative in Skjold in my first service. We then had no guard soldiers there, only guard commanders, so the guard duty was rotated among all the soldiers in the camp. So, like most others, I had to stay on guard the week before Christmas. This was something that many thought was funny, as Vaktiskjold stood guard over Skjold. My name was Vaktskjold and that I served in Skjold was something I heard several times a day throughout the year.

Have you faced any challenges regarding your title?

-I think I never faced any challenges. I’ve been asked several times if Vaktskjold is really my name, if it’s just nonsense or if it has something to do with my position.

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What is the greatest joy in obtaining a defense-related title?

– What was and still is a great advantage for me is that many people remember my name. As a store supervisor, you rely on communications and establishing relationships with your associates, and the name has likely made a positive contribution there. Plus, it’s been a good ice breaker when I meet new people in the armed forces, because it’s usually one of the first things people ask!

Do you know the origin of your surname?

– The origin of the name comes from a place called Vågstaule, with an associated farm in Radøy in Nordhordland, which has been in my family for hundreds of years. My family currently owns a cabin on this farm.

– I’ve read Vaktskjold written in Scandinavian script, so the name has been around for a long time!

What are you most looking forward to on Christmas Eve?

-We usually go to our cabin in Mjølfjell, in beautiful snow-covered surroundings. I always start my big day by watching “Three Nuts for Cinderella” and “Journey to the Christmas Star” while baking with some good Christmas food. The day is then spent preparing food and other things for Christmas Eve. I’m looking forward to eating pork chops and spending time with my family in the mountains. Then I get in the Christmas mood!

Name: Ida Faktskjöld

Affiliation to the Armed Forces: Representative of the State Secretariat in the Recruitment Council

Age: 20 years old

Location: Oslo

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