How to Easily Move Start Menu in Windows 11 – Guide

This is how easy it is to move the Start Menu in Windows 11

Get it back where it belongs!

Here we left the Start Menu back in Windows 11.

Windows 11 was launched a month ago. It’s free to upgrade from Windows 10, and comes standard on many new devices in the future.

Most changes are for the better. In our review, we praised both the new design and many new features.

But, one thing in particular took a long time to get used to:

It has moved the start menu to the center of the taskbar.

On the other hand, centering gives the start menu and apps more focus. It also facilitates accessibility for anyone with wide screens, who may have to stretch their necks to get an overview. It is also easier to use than the touch screen.

However, it is difficult to get used to the new position. For many, the start menu is in Muscle Memory, and you’ll find it at the bottom left where it’s been for the past 30 years!

And many have neither a touch screen nor a very wide panel to work with.

So why spend time changing your habits then? And I swear after you automatically send your cursor down to an empty corner and click on the air. once again.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution.

Windows 11 allows you to chase the Start menu back to the left corner.

So it starts from this:

For this:

  • To open Windows Settings With “Windows key” + “I”.
  • Finn “Personalization”tab and select “Taskbar”.
  • At the bottom, tap “Mission Line Behavior”.
  • they change Edit the taskbar (Yes, with typos!) From “center” to “left”.

Now the Start Menu should be back ‘Where It Belongs’!

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