Sky-high electricity prices give record results for Statkraft – NRK Norway News overview from across the country

Sky-high electricity prices give record results for Statkraft – NRK Norway News overview from across the country

Statkraft is a stoFirst owner of facilities in Tangiersondelag, where two out of six wind farms were built illegally, ifoLGHoYesterday right.

The CEO told NRK that the company will continue to operate the facilities, despite the Supreme Court ruling.

“Our goal is that the operation that the CEO’s office now runs can coexist between reindeer herding and wind power, so that we can continue to have both parts,” says the CEO. Christian Renning-Tonsen.

Do you think it is possible?

– That’s the point of our operation, to have mitigation measures that make that possible, yeah.

As reported by the NRK CEO, there are several inputs that are now being discussed between Statkraft and the Ministry of Oil and Energy.

  • Do not plow masonry roads in winter
  • Can other alternative grazing areas be found?
  • Can something be done about wind turbines?
  • Other measures

– This is not a simple solution, this is a complex issue, and we must fully respect the Supreme Court’s ruling, says Statkraft’s chief.

record result

Despite the fact that Statkraft saved water in energy stores, the price hike resulted in a record high result for Norway’s largest energy producer.

As a result, the state receives more taxes and profits than expected.

Statkraft is the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe. Numerous hydroelectric power plants account for about two-thirds of production, but the company manages power production in a number of countries.

The company earned NOK 14.5 billion last quarter, after paying roughly the same amount in tax. This is nearly four times what it was in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

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Total revenue was NOK 56.7 billion, up three-quarters from the same period in the previous year.

The high income is mainly due to high energy prices, which in the fourth quarter were more than a third higher than in the same period of the previous year.

He gets an additional 1.6 billion in earnings

At the same time, the company earned more than NOK 9 billion from so-called market operations, which are linked to energy agreements sold with price protection.

In the same period last year, the company lost more than NOK 3 billion in energy sales linked to speculation in future prices.

The company now proposes paying NOK 17.2 billion in dividends for last year. This is NOK 1.6 billion more than the government set as a baseline after the budget was settled in Parliament.

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