Apple CEO on new product: ‘Stay tuned’

So far, we don't have any indications from Apple even when the augmented reality glasses will arrive, or what they will look like.  But that's how online designers imagined they could look.

In recent years, the air has come out a bit of a virtual reality balloon, but at the same time, rumors of a new product from Apple have only increased. The company’s augmented reality (AR) eyewear predictions now mark the reputation exchange before every major launch. But the company itself has been quiet – so far.

In an interview with China Daily, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked what he thinks is a success factor for augmented and virtual reality, because Chinese consumers, according to the journalist, were not entirely happy with what’s on the market at the moment;

The crucial thing for all technologies, including augmented reality, is to put humanity at the center. I couldn’t have been more excited about the opportunities we see here, so stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer.

Cook also points to 14,000 apps in the App Store that use the development tool ARKit, to indicate a focus on augmented reality. It is thus a matter of technology that puts computer-generated content on top of ‘reality’, either via transparent screens, or by mixing content from the camera and software on the same screen.

The product has been in the rumor mill for several years now, and the Apple ARKit initiative was launched in 2017. Five years later, it was recently announced in its sixth version during WWDC, along with iOS 16 on its way to iPhones towards the fall.

Putting “humanity at the center” quickly sounds like a classic corporate phrase, but given Apple’s history, there’s reason to believe this is a little closer to reality than just classic tribal language at multi-billion dollar companies.

Apple has almost made a tradition come later in this field compared to other companies with different technologies. But second, doing it better or more successfully than others – usually by doing it differently.

And where things don’t take off right away, they tend to stick and polish products for a long time, until they take off. It’s natural to think of examples like the Apple Watch and AirPods that took a relatively long time to grow into as dominant as they are now.

Cook, who is often referred to as Tim Apple after a conversation with Donald Trump, is probably the man with the most knowledge of where the giant company will be in the next few years. But analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is another person who often has a surprisingly good overview.

He correctly predicted a large number of Apple launches over many years. And time will tell whether he understood them correctly in his last predictions;

– Apple’s AR/MR will likely launch in January 2023, he wrote in one Blog Posts.

MRI is for the “mixed reality” or mixed reality order. In practice, all shades of what most of us think of as virtual reality, in one form or another.

Today’s selection of products, mentioned by the journalist from China Daily, are basically the most popular VR platform. HTC Vive and Oculus products, owned by Meta, formerly Facebook.

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Both have quieted down a bit in the media, after much hype when they first started in 2012. Now, Oculus VR has changed its name to Reality Labs and is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s giant investment in a so-called “meta-poetry.” There in the yard, The plan is supposed to make virtual reality impossible to distinguish from “real” reality.

The company has talked about the entire metaverse To 2014, when it came to making the biggest game in the world.

Facebook, Meta, and Reality Labs in general recently took to Youtube to show off prototypes of their new VR glasses:

There is no clear definition of what the verse is, but there is often talk of virtual reality equipment and the digital worlds you can live in. But also things like social media or massive online games can qualify for the rating.

Blockchain with digital currencies and crypto products such as NFTs, in the form of art and fashion for in-game or world use, is often included in the discussion.

What form Apple’s potential investment in the landscape will take is currently unknown. But the company is also known for taking a slightly different approach on everything from hardware to software than Google and Facebook, which have traditionally relied more on services for user data. Teams manifested in a rather high accidental dispute tracking capabilities between Facebook and Apple.

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