Soon iPhone fans will miss these reasons to bully Android

Soon iPhone fans will miss these reasons to bully Android

There are many smart improvements on the way to Android 14. We just wish Google would talk about it out loud.

RAM optimization and more

Because Google isn’t good enough to highlight the best benefits of each OS update: instead, it ends up with a long list of bug fixes – features that many would appreciate getting lost in the haystack. Sometimes there isn’t much to gain, and we understand that, but other times there are improvements that everyone will appreciate. Now two of them have been revealed.

This time around, two major improvements have been extracted from the beta code: the ability for apps to close a background process, which means battery life and performance will improve dramatically if you have several of these apps installed. It also means that RAM optimization apps, of which there are plenty for Android, are in many ways no longer necessary. Requires Google app to work.

Before, the best Android models with 8GB of RAM and more are best at keeping apps running and several browser tabs. This function will now boost this and battery life if it is working as intended.

“Handoff” for Android

The second feature was revealed by Mishaal Rahman at X who details what he discovered from Google’s experimental code. Upgrading will allow Android devices connected to the same Google account to be linked together. In this way, the platform will automatically transfer calls between devices as well as share the internet from a hotspot device.

There are also probably many smart automatic optimizations that Google has coded. At least we hope so. The question now is whether they keep this for the Pixel series or allow third parties to participate in the improvements. Linking multiple devices connected to the same Google Account will appear under “Settings > Google > Devices and Sharing” when this is tested. Hopefully, they’ll be ready when Android 14 launches in the fall.

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