Aiden Kennedy: – dead – salute

Aiden Kennedy: - dead - salute

TV presenter and journalist Aidan Kennedy has passed away at the age of 43 and is now receiving many moving tributes.

Last week, Irish TV profile and journalist passed away, just hours after she shared a message on Twitter where she said she had received palliative care.

“Home to Die”

“Life hasn’t gone well and I’m as sick as I was when I was admitted to the hospital. So I’m actually coming home to die, but I get palliative care. Kids know. If you’ve ever met them, would you keep an eye on them?” Kennedy wrote in a Twitter message on Friday last week, they are the prettiest, sweetest, and most caring kids.”

Besides the heartbreaking words, she also shared pictures of the children and a drawing she received from one of them.

“I hope you get well soon. I love you so much!” He said on the drawing.

The death has affected many, in social media the TV profile is now greeted with kind and touching words, she said among others does not depend on.

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Among other things, there are a lot of the TV channel I worked on, UTV, who now remember their colleague.

A spokesperson for the channel stated the following in one press release:

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“The UTV family is deeply saddened to hear of the death of former colleague and friend Aidan Kennedy. As a truly talented reporter, she has spent many years in UTV providing stories to viewers from all over Northern Ireland. We want to express our deepest sympathy to the family at this very sad time.”

Former UTV political commentator Ken Reed is also among those who paid tribute to his former teammate.

“To think that Adin is no longer with us is heartbreaking. A good soul has suffered so much. The news has shocked many of us,” Reed wrote on Twitter.

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“I am sad”

And according to The Independent, BBC meteorologist Barra Best also shared some of the words.

‘Very sorry to hear that. The idea was always great to meet outside while covering a story. Rest in peace”.

Irish politician Emma Little Bingley is expressing her deep sadness on Twitter.

“Our time on earth is over. I’m in mourning. No more pain or sickness for you now. No more sadness or shock. The most beautiful and kindest soul that life has given me the privilege of knowing. Our travels and conversations. Our walks, moments and fun. I hope we meet again. Goodbye, My friend,” writes Little Bingley.

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In addition to children Jacob and Eva, she also left her parents Noel and Moara, as UTV wrote.

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