Alexander Sorloth – reveals the disease

Alexander Sorloth – reveals the disease

Larnaca/Oslo (Dagbladet): This is what Alexander Sorloth told the Norwegian press after the victory over Cyprus, where he himself scored the 1-0 goal through a Cypriot defender.

He did so after waking up with a fever on game day on Friday.

Someone should feel embarrassed

– What do you think then?

-I have experience with this from the past. It happened twice last season. Away against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, I scored both times. I just thought it was mental. If you’re in denial, it works, Tronder smiles in the interview area.

When did you notice the illness? asks Dagbladet.

– It was very strange. We sat and played cards last night. When I got to the room I was going to call my girlfriend. Two minutes on the way into the room, the sound disappeared. I thought “Oh, what happens now?”

HOT: Alexander Sorloth frantic in action against Cyprus.  Photo: Fredrik Varfjell/NTB

HOT: Alexander Sorloth frantic in action against Cyprus. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell/NTB
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Sorloth explains that he woke up after ten hours of sleep and was “really hot.”

Fortunately, the situation gets worse on days two and three, Sorloth says.

On Sunday, Spain awaits a fateful match. Norway must win to keep their hopes of reaching the European Group alive through qualification.

Clear: Bernt Holsker likes the photos he saw of the national team before the fateful match against Norway. Video: Bard Soro, Dagbladet TV-sporten.
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-Are you afraid of the Spain match?

– No, I’ll do it anyway. If it’s really bad, we can handle it, but I’ll be ready, he answers firmly.

When asked if he would be isolated from the team, he replied, “We will see,” and that he would speak with the team doctor.

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