Alf Hartwig Owen (1939 – 2024)

Alf Hartwig Owen (1939 – 2024)

Professor Emeritus Alf Hartwig-Owen, who had a degree in applied mathematics, died on March 28, aged 84.

Alt Hartwig Owen died at the age of 84.

Alf Owen's career He began his studies at the University of Bergen in 1966, as a scientific assistant in the Department of Mathematics. In 1970 he was given a permanent position as Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and in 1993 he was promoted to Professor of Applied Mathematics, a position he held until his retirement.

Alf Owen's Scientific Career He aimed mainly at kinetic theory applied to ionized gases in electromagnetic fields, where he had pioneering work related to analysis on multiple time scales. This area of ​​research is central, e.g. In the search for fusion energy and in understanding the solar wind that creates the northern lights.

In later parts of his career He also devoted himself to biological and medical applications. At the time of his death, a voluminous scientific work, together with that of biomedical colleagues, was still awaiting publication. When asked last winter if he wanted to keep his honorary position, he said he had some work he'd like to finish, so yes, thank you.

In addition to his crucifixion His scholarly contributions Alf Owen was a well-respected teacher and supervisor in the Mathematics Department. He was always well prepared and gave students a systematic and comprehensive introduction to difficult mathematical topics. Many are grateful for his generous and comprehensive way of helping students through a difficult mathematics course.

Alf Owen was a bridge builder Internally in the Mathematics Department. Through a subdued and constructive manner, it was easy to gain trust in him. He was involved in the development of the department and the entire university, and played an important role in shaping the department we see today. He had many roles on committees, councils, and committees and was for several terms a department chair in the Department of Mathematics. When the institute moved during his last term as head of the department, he contributed greatly to the staff and students getting good jobs in the new buildings.

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Alf Owen was a warm and kind person He did not ask for attention, but his mark was nevertheless large through his many scientific contributions and through all the candidates he helped raise, and who today have their own careers inside and outside academia.

Our thoughts He goes to Åse and another family.

On behalf of Alf Owen's colleagues and friends

Antonella Zanna Monte-Kaas, Guttorm Allendal, Jarl Berntsen, Helge K. Dahli

The memorial is also posted on Bergens Tidendi.

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