Stigma has hampered UFO research for 70 years

Stigma has hampered UFO research for 70 years


The Swedish researcher says there is a stigma associated with research into UFOs. Now your EU Member of Parliament will have a separate register where you can report UFO sightings.

Is there a UFO over the beautiful city of Bergen? Or maybe just the moon… Anyway, there are a number of observations of objects in the sky, which one cannot immediately explain.

“Scientists I respect admitted to me when we spoke privately that this object was behaving very strangely, but they were not willing to put their reputations on the line,” Avi Loeb said. In 2019.

Loeb is professor and chair of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University.

Now, five years after Loeb visited Oslo and gave a lecture, Francisco Guerrero, a member of the European Parliament for Portugal and a representative of the European Green Party, has proposed that Europe put in place a better system for reporting unidentified flying objects, that is, unidentified flying objects. Unidentified flying objects. He writes

Guerrero made this proposal during a meeting of the European Parliament. Pilots, leaders of UFO organizations and a researcher participated there. They said they wanted more knowledge about UFOs.

Director of Private UFO Research

In the United States of America, NASA has appointed one Research Director for UFO Research.

This happened, according to NTB, after a panel of experts called on the US space agency to intensify its efforts to obtain information about what are colloquially called unidentified flying objects, or UAPs, unidentified anomalous phenomena, the preferred term now.

The new term does not say that it is explicitly about physical objects nor that they fly.

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He wants infrastructure

Beatriz Villarroel, an astronomer at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in Sweden, works in the search for extraterrestrial life.

There's a lot of stigma, says researcher Beatriz Villarroel.

She attended the meeting organized by Guerrero earlier in March. She said, according to, that there is a lot of stigma associated with searching for unexplained notes, even if they were captured using several tools.

-What does science say about this? The picture is not clear, because there is a huge stigma associated with this. She said that she had prevented scientists from researching this topic for the past 70 years.

For several years, Villarroel led a research group that, with the help of citizen researchers, investigated disappearing objects in the night sky. She now leads the Exoprobe project, where, with the help of many different instruments and telescopes, she will search for probes that orbit the Earth, but do not originate here.

She said: We are interested in objects outside the Earth’s atmosphere, and our goal is to search for sensors from extraterrestrial civilizations in the solar system. Stockholm University.

“What the EU can do is make it easier for us to carry out our research work, which is looking for UAPs, and to have the infrastructure we need to do our research,” Villarroel said at the meeting in March.

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