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Montasje kniv og åstad

On Thursday, she was ready to testify from forensic scientists and forensic scientists after the double murder at Møllendalsveien in Bergen in January 2020.

Previously, they both informed the court that very powerful photos and videos from crime scene investigations and the autopsy of two murder victims Selge (29) and Jan Austin S. Helby (42) would be shown.

Previously, it was revealed that the woman had 28 injuries to the body, while the man had 18 injuries. Police said many of the wounds were sustained with at least two knives and an axe.

Like stabbing in the throat

The murder took place inside Hellby’s nursing home on the night of Sunday, January 12, 2020.

Very experienced forensic pathologist Inge Morild of the Jadis Institute showed a photo and explained the numerous injuries to her face, head and neck.

There is one injury in particular in each of the two murder victims, and it is the most serious; A stab wound to the neck, where the knife came from above and passed through the neck and down the chest cavity.

This is a fatal bite. I have rarely seen such injuries to anyone before. And here we have two almost identical sticks, only that they are turned on the victim. Morild said the injuries are so similar they can’t be accidental.

– So they think it’s just as pungent and special?The plaintiff asked Benedict Hordnes.

– Yes, Morield answers.

Experienced: Forensic Inge Morild, here from another case in Hordaland County Courthouse.

Photo: Simen Sundfjord Otterlei/NRK

Banished for a fatal stab wound to a woman

One of the three people accused of the double murder, a 58-year-old Norwegian, has admitted to killing Helby with a knife, but denies committing the woman’s murder.

He cut her with the knife, but without deep and serious cuts, the 58-year-old said while explaining on Tuesday, and claimed the woman was alive when he left the room.

On the other hand, he knew that he had stabbed Helby in the neck with great force.

“That’s where you should stay if you’re going to get serious,” said the 58-year-old.

In an interview with the police, he delivered the stab he inflicted on Heilby in the throat. Hurdness showed this drawing to the coroners on Thursday.

– Yes, it is exactly the same damage, answered Morild.

The entrance to the room where the double murder occurred

Blood Path: The photo shows the entrance to the room where the double crime took place (left). There were a lot of traces of blood on the ground, which Kribos believed were traces of the murder victim’s dragging.

Photo: police

He might die in a few minutes

The forensic pathologist described the stab in the neck as a very serious injury to both victims. The murder victim died of bronchial hemorrhage.

The two murder victims also sustained injuries consistent with their attempt to defend themselves against the knife

Morild believes, based on internal bleeding, that the stab in the throat occurred while the victim was alive.

– It’s totally life threatening. It can take a few minutes before one dies. One becomes unconscious very quickly from such an injury.

Additionally, both victims suffer head injuries that forensic scientists are sure to come from an axe strike. But they cannot say for sure whether the injuries occurred before or after death.

The 34-year-old Polish night watchman is accused of using an ax during the murder. He denies his involvement in the killing.

An ax has been seized in the Bergen double murder case

Murder weapon: Police have linked this ax and knives to the murders.

Photo: police

bloody achievement

Crime technologists from Bergen and Krepos police testified in court on Thursday.

The technician from Krepos said they found more than 200 blood spots in the area around the skeletal mattress in the room.

– The traces of blood we found strongly suggest that Helby was subjected to violence while standing upright between the bed and the front door, Belkassen said, while the woman was subjected to violence while sitting or lying in bed.

The bed was found on a slope outside the hospice.

Tire mattress on a slope by the double murder of the elderly

Throw: The frame mattress that was standing in the fatal victim’s room was found on a slope outside the hospice.

Photo: police

– characterized by panic

The murder victim was taken to Osavatn in Arna district, where they were dumped into a river on the eve of Monday, January 13. This made it difficult for crime technicians to find evidence.

Forensic doctors were also unable to determine an earlier time of death, due to the cold water in the river.

Also from the discovery site by Osavatn, powerful photos and videos of how forensic scientists discovered themselves have emerged.

– The objects in the river were discovered shortly after they were placed there. This does not appear to be a carefully planned dump site. One police officer said it sounded like a panic attack.

The other added that working with securing the track was too arduous, as the lake in the river likely had cleared many of the tracks.

This case differs from other cases we have worked with, particularly in terms of scope and complexity. The police chief said it was difficult to find the correct meaning of the traces we found.

The trial continues next week with further questioning by forensic doctors, as well as explanations from the other defendants in the case.

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