All Saints’ Day: Room for Longing – Norwegian Church

All Saints’ Day: Room for Longing – Norwegian Church

Candles will be lit in churches across the country this weekend in memory of the dead. It is a tradition in many places to read all the names of those who have died in the past year.

In churches across the country, candles will be lit this weekend to remember those who have died. Photo: Ole Henrik Kongsvik/Norwegian Church.

On Sunday, November 5, All Saints’ Day is celebrated in churches across the country, with more than a thousand events.

Through memorial services, open chapels, talks and candle lighting, the Church wants to make room for grief, loss, memories – and all the other emotions that can arise on such a day.

Every grief is unique, and every person grieves in their own way. There are many different ways to celebrate Halloween.

– The Church has a place for you and for your sadness and longing, says Olav Fix-Tveit, a prominent bishop in the Church of Norway.

Many appreciate the Church’s work on behalf of people in mourning. 8 in 10 members believe the church is good for society when it supports people experiencing grief.

Find out what’s happening in your local environment on Or on the group’s website.

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