From safe rooms to unsafe rooms?

From safe rooms to unsafe rooms?

– I’m willing to lose my job, rather than lie to children that they can change their sex, writes Verdinette columnist Ricky Gryffstad-Koperstad. In this valuable chronicle, she shares her story of how Pride criticism cost her her position as a social educator.

In a primary school somewhere in Sunmore, a few years ago, a social worker was allowed to act in one of the school’s group rooms in conversation with pupils who needed special follow-up. The conversations were based on the individual’s needs, whether it was about sadness and longing for the father’s absence, or about anxiety and depression. Conversations can be about low self-esteem, or address psychosocial symptoms.

It was safe in that room, because he was allowed to express all thoughts, feelings and experiences in words. It was safe in that room, because the social studies teacher had no other purpose than to listen and ask questions. As assistance, the social worker often uses the “Psychological First Aid” tool. It’s about making conscious thought choices based on the understanding that thoughts often create feelings of fear or self-criticism.

New flags at the door

One day, when the social sciences teacher came to work, a rainbow flag with a transgender flag was hung on the door of the group room. A public health nurse, who was recently allowed into the same room on a free weekday, raised the flags. The social worker reacted spontaneously and contacted the person concerned. A meeting was held with the health nurse manager in the group room a few days later. The social worker expressed concern that the room was no longer safe for the students. The health nurse saw it differently. She herself was educated at the Pink Competence Course under the auspices of Foreningen Fri. It was a decent conversation, despite the differences in opinions.

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After that, the social worker contacted the municipal director of education, to clarify whether hanging such flags in the school did not pose a problem. The investigation was conducted via email and was reported by the media. Local newspapers ran bold headlines about a social teacher who did not want to use transgender and pride flags in schools. This was the beginning of a network that developed rapidly in the local environment. Of course, this has become a pressure on many. The social worker ended up reporting the incident to the local police, where she was told the internet was very objectionable. But beyond that, they did nothing.

Meanwhile, the social studies teacher received a response from the municipal director of education, not allowing political symbols in the school. The social worker received good statements of support on Facebook and in local newspapers, including from health professionals who shared her concern about all the consequences of Rosa’s competence at school.

There is no longer room for a social worker

When the timetable for the next school year was to be drawn up, there were no resources available for the social worker, and this was indirectly explained by the “incident” in the newspaper. Two parents complained. They did not want their children to go to a school with a prosocial teacher who criticized pride.

However, the flags were removed from the group room door, but something unsafe was still entering the school environment. There is an agenda behind the theories in radical gender ideology. All norms must be broken, and this is a separate goal in itself. Unusual and rare deviations must be normalized and celebrated. As is known, students, when faced with theories about being born with the wrong body, can develop serious disturbances in their identity development.

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The nurses have come and gone since then. They are wonderful, caring people. But they learned a rosy lesson, which, I see, can make even the smallest group room unsafe.

The students became the losing party

Naturally, I knew all the details of that case, because I had been a social sciences teacher for 11 years. This part of the work was the most important source of joy and motivation in my work. I knew I could make a difference in some kids’ lives. I have seen anxious children become more confident, and students with low self-esteem grow in a belief that they are valuable and “capable.”

Not my fault. I still have a meaningful job, with other duties. Although workplace exclusion may be part of the oppression of our time, students are primarily on the losing end in this situation. My politically incorrect views had consequences. By the way, I’m willing to lose my job, rather than lie to children that they can change their gender.

By the way, note that it’s always the kids who get hurt when someone believes in strange theories! Who will talk about their cause if not us adults?

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