There will be a temporary isolation hotel in Stavanger

There will be a temporary isolation hotel in Stavanger

On December 21, the municipality of Stavanger was without any agreement on a buffer hotel. Bid hotel prices have not risen – in large part due to fear of contagion. Viste Strandhotell has now agreed to an agreement that will run until January.

If you need to be in a secluded hotel in January, the Vista Strandhotell in Randaberg applies.
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Rogalands writes Avis.

before christmas The RA wrote that the municipality of Stavanger could risk being left without an agreement on the insulated hotels.

After a bidding round without offers from hotels, the municipality contacted several of them directly, with no result.

You will get a permanent agreement

Eli Karin Voss, director of health and social care for the municipality of Stavanger, RA told that an interim agreement with Viste Strandhotell is in effect, and runs through January.

The hotel in Randaberg has nine rooms available for people who need to use insulated hotels. An additional nine rooms can be used if required.

Upon termination of the agreement, the municipality will conduct another tender competition:

We contact a select group of hotels and ask them to make offers if they’re interested, Fosse tells RA.

Next, the municipality wants to conclude a permanent agreement that will secure 18 to 20 rooms.

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The need increases in the summer

Hence there is still a need for insulated hotels. Fosse is not sure to what extent this will apply in the future. The need tends to increase during the summer months.

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– Voss concluded that when infections rise, there will be more people who need quarantine and isolation facilities.


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