Granite from Pomelo in Government Quarter

Granite from Pomelo in Government Quarter

The granite from Bømlo will be part of an art project for the new government district, which will be completed in 2025. Photo: Bømlo Municipality

by thomas | 07/25/2023 08:05:05

Art and culture: Arch-shaped granite from Bømlo will be part of an art project, when the new government headquarters in Oslo is due for completion in 2025. The project is part of a larger artwork called “The Alternative,” led by artist Joumana Manna and curated by KORO (Art in Public Spaces).

Last week, the granite stone, which Brynjar Stautland identified in Geopark Sunnhordland as a good contribution to the art project in the government district, was transported from Holundsdalen to Oslo, the municipality wrote in sites.

KORO (Art in Public Spaces), in collaboration with artist Jumana Manna, invites all municipalities and district councils in the country to contribute to an alternative artwork (job title), which will be completed in the government district in Oslo in 2025.

800 square meters of mosaics
Jumana Manna, a Palestinian artist trained in Norway, won the competition organized by KORO to design a new floor as a public artwork in the new government district in Oslo.

The artwork, a stone collage of approximately 800 square metres, will be integrated into the ground on Johan Nygaardsfolds Square and will explore the physical history of the rural environment in Norway in relation to nature and the extraction of natural resources.

Instead of mining new granite for the project, Manna wants to create a mosaic floor made up of granite slabs and blocks that were transported from different parts of the country. The city floor will become a puzzle of the architectural and physical elements of Norway’s rich geography and geology.

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You can follow the development of the art project