That’s why The Voice-Ina is so strict

That's why The Voice-Ina is so strict

Sandefjord woman Ina Wroldsen (37) has done well in the music industry both at home and abroad over the years. In his autobiography, Wroldsen can list songwriters for star names such as Britney Spears, Calvin Harris, Demi Lovato, and One Direction. In addition, she can brag about her solo career as an artist.

The 37-year-old has also become a familiar face on the TV show, mentoring aspiring artists as a mentor. I am the sound.

Unable to hold back the tears

He hits you right off the field

In the winter and spring, Wroldsen returned to the directing chair in the seventh season of the talent competition. The rounds were recorded with a “blind test” at the end of last year. Soon duels await between the participants.

– I’m excited. I’m really looking forward to it. It is a real honor to be allowed to sit there. It feels a bit like watching spring. There are many beautiful flowers. The good thing is to see people grow up. It’s a real honor, which she shares on TV 2, and adds:

Mentor: Ina Wroldsen loves her job as a teacher at The Voice and is looking forward to seeing her singing talents blossom. Photo: Robert Dreier Holland / TV 2

– There are an incredible number of good people. It’s like Youssef (Youssef Ould Mariam, fellow mentor, .anm magazine) said: “You think you’ve reached the ceiling every time, but you don’t have it.” There are a few gems among the ones that blow you right off the field.

Watch Wroldsen get impacted by the performance in the video at the top of the case.

Nobody will sprinkle sugar

As a teacher and judge, Wroldsen was previously called a stern and direct tone. She believes that this is only for the benefit of the participants.

Nobody outside sprinkles sugar on anything. I think it is important to prepare them. I take the mentor role very seriously. I want them to travel from there carrying things in their back pockets they can actually use—and no much use for sugar, she says.

Makes Ina react forcefully: – Are you idiots?!

The mentor further stresses that she wants to encourage promising talent, but that honesty is important.

Colleagues are proud

When This year’s The Voice returns to screen again on Friday, viewers will have a lot to look forward to.

– They can expect Tom (“Matoma”, Today’s newspaper) to cry a little. They can expect a very bad losing side and winner and they can also expect great musical experiences. The musician reveals that he is a high level and a lot of good people.

She also boasts of her other mentor teams, Tom “Matoma” Strait Lagergren (30), Espen Lind (50) and Youssef Ould Mariam (44).

– I think all the teams this year have received such pearls. And I think everyone just sits down and gets a little jealous of someone else who has it, and then it just got a lot more fun.

The gang: Voice mentor Ina Wroldsen has developed a close relationship with her fellow mentors.  Here with Espen Lind (left), Youssef Ould Mariam, and Tom «Matoma», Street Lagergren.  Photo: Robert Dreier Holland / TV 2

The gang: Voice mentor Ina Wroldsen has developed a close relationship with her fellow mentors. Here with Espen Lind (left), Youssef Ould Mariam, and Tom «Matoma», Street Lagergren. Photo: Robert Dreier Holland / TV 2

Unity between partners is also something the artist is grateful for.

– I am very fond of my colleagues. I think these guys are so amazing. It’s a job I’m really looking forward to because of them too. She says it is a very safe and good friendship.

Musical and songwriting

After turning off the TV cameras later in the spring, Wroldsen will be gearing up for this fall’s big musical performance, Cats.

The London company will tour Europe, and will perform in Oslo, Trondheim and Stavanger. I have to play Grizabella, says Cree.

With rehearsals, there will, of course, be a small swing theater company in London – the city in which the singer lived and worked.

You should play in “Cats”: – A big dream

The 37-year-old hopes to also open up to more songwriting in the future.

I’m “keen” to go back to the studio and rewrite some songs, whether for myself or someone else. It has been very quiet during the pandemic. I hope I can get out and travel again, she says, and continues:

– But I’m taking life a bit because it comes now. I just want to stay healthy and fast.

Watch The Voice on Friday at 20.00 on TV 2 and TV 2 play.

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