Koester drops Oslo Boers – E24 Positive

Koester drops Oslo Boers - E24 Positive

Oil company Questerre drops after commenting on the recent sharp rally.


The main index on the Oslo Stock Exchange rose 0.45 percent about 20 minutes after it opened on Friday.

Ahead of the opening, there was news from Equinor and Salmar, among others.

Equinor and Wellesley found oil near the Troll and Fram area, Equinor reports on Friday morning. According to the oil company, preliminary calculations show that there are approximately 21-33 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalents. Equinor shares rose 1.52 after 20 minutes of trading.

Salmar Agriculture Company 56,300 tons of salmon were slaughtered in the fourth quarter, an update appears on Friday. This is a sharp increase from the volume of the harvest in the same quarter of 2020, which amounted to 43,600 tons of salmon. Salmar shares fell 0.92% after about 20 minutes.

Quester fall after comment

Canadian oil and gas company Quester has risen sharply in the past two weeks. A month ago, the stock price was close to 1 kroner. Thursday Close it at 2.94 kr, without Koester seeing any fundamental reasons for the rise.

On Thursday afternoon, the company sent a comment on the recent trading activity.

“Quester is not aware of any significant unpublished information relating to the Company’s operations and activities that could explain the recent increase in market price and stock trading volume,” the company wrote in Notices.

There has been speculation recently about possible compensation from authorities in Quebec, who are considering cutting fossil energy production.

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Quester shares fell on Friday, down 4.76 percent after about 30 minutes of trading. The stock is among the most traded stocks.

Subscribe rights to Flyr i handel

Flyr announced in November that it would raise NOK 250 million from the airline’s existing shareholders.

On Tuesday, the company stated that the subscription price was set this week at 0.95 NOK. Accordingly, Flyr will issue 263157894 new shares. On Friday, IPO rights went to the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Flyr’s stock is down 9.83 percent after about 25 minutes, and is trading at 1.37 NOK per share.

Flyr’s subscription rights are simultaneously trading at NOK 0.40, giving a total price of NOK 1.4.

In other words, it’s about the same price as Flyr’s stock, regardless of whether you buy it the usual way or by buying subscription rights.

Heavy Thursday in the stock exchanges

The main index on the Oslo Stock Exchange closed on Thursday, down 1.37 percent. The stock market followed the global market lower after the US Federal Reserve indicated a faster rise in interest rates.

It happened even though the price of oil went in the opposite direction, and the price has stayed high since Thursday noon. The price of a barrel of North Sea oil (burning spot) reached $82.26 before 9:30, an increase of 0.39 percent on Friday.

The minutes of the previous US Federal Reserve interest rate meeting, which was released on Wednesday evening, sparked turmoil in global markets on Wednesday and Thursday. There, the Fed signaled that a rate hike could come earlier than expected.

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In the US, leading indicators fell again on Thursday, but not as much as the day before.

On the other hand, Asian markets recovered somewhat on Friday, after a busy day here on Thursday as well.

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