Eric Anders Satter, International Summer Party

Eric Anders Satter, International Summer Party

And Thursday night, the stage was set for record company Universal Music’s annual summer gala, as large portions of Norwegian celebrities made the trip for an actual party.

One of those graced the red carpet outside the villa in Skillebekk was real-life profiler Erik Anders Sæter (26), who previously hinted he had a new girlfriend, when he shared a suggestive post on Instagram on May 17.

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When he shared a photo on his Instagram profile on May 17, many speculated if he was no longer single. In front of Nettavisen, Sæter manages to reveal that the revelation of his new girlfriend happened “by accident”.

– I’m so stupid when I’m drunk, most people are mentally handicapped, but it’s much less so with me and that’s why I end up making stupid choices sometimes, Sæter said Thursday night.

creates problems

According to the 26-year-old, lately he has been more protective of his privacy and hasn’t shared with his followers as much as he did in the past.

—but then I was so happy and drunk on May 17, and my girlfriend and I agreed it was okay to post a picture of each other on Instagram, Sæter said.

But when Sæter and his chosen one got up the next day and thought it over properly, they both agreed that it might not have been such a good idea after all.

– When you’re drunk, you don’t make rational choices, but it’s not like we can omit them either, because that might arouse suspicion, he said.

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Moreover, the reality profile said the intentions are for the girlfriend to remain private. The reason is that neither of the two has any particular desire to have a public relationship.

– I have learned from previous relationships that revealing a lover only causes problems and then it is very good that this is not the case, he said and continued:

She has no desire to become famous, if we had progressed to that she would have also gained 20,000 followers. He asked her what she would do with them if it wasn’t something she wanted.

We sure saw a lot

Although Sæter does not want to share his girlfriend’s name, he can reveal how the two met.

According to the 26-year-old, they met outside in the city many years ago without there being anything romantic between them. It would take a whole year before he finally chose to send her a message.

– I sent her a letter and asked if she lived in Oslo, which she did not live at that time. But then she told me she was moving to Oslo, and then offered to help her move. He revealed that it was also our first date.

– So I’ve been carrying boxes all day and I’ve got a lady, he laughed.

Furthermore, Sæter said that he and his girlfriend have been a couple since the fall of 2021. When asked how he managed to keep it a secret for so long, he replied that he doesn’t share anything on social media.

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There are probably many people who have seen us on the street and it is good for people to know that I have a girlfriend. But they don’t need to know who she is, Sæter said, and I’m not exactly Justin Bieber, so it’s possible that it’s kept a secret for now.

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