Bella Hadid finds solace in sad selfies – VG

Bella Hadid finds solace in sad selfies - VG
Model: Bella Hadid, here on the New York catwalk in 2020.

The American supermodel (25) explains why she sometimes shares crying pictures of herself to her nearly 50 million followers.

Those who follow Bella Hadid on Instagram may have noticed that she often posts uncut pics on the story post, where the posts disappear after 24 hours.

The 25-year-old has long been open about mental illness, depression, and depression — too Lyme disease diagnosis she received in 2012. You have made it clear that the contrast can be very great between life in the spotlight and private life.

In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal Hadid explains that it helped her personally show a weak side in the form of selfies, where you can see how hard it is.

In November, Hadid received a lot of attention from fans and the media when she premiered Picture of him crying.

This post made me feel less alone, Hadid says and explains that the outpouring of sympathy she received from her followers was a huge relief.

Celebrity trio: mom Yolanda Hadid with her daughters Gigi (left) and Bella at the previous book edition in 2017.

Hadid says she will stand out as an example.

When I posted the pictures, it was meant to show everyone else with the same feelings that it’s okay to feel that way. Although everything looks so beautiful on Instagram, we are – after all – made of the same thing. It was good for me to tell the truth.

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Among other things, the model suffers from anxiety about leaving the house. Hadid explained in the interview that for the past three years she has been sending sad selfies to her mother and doctor.

Hadid is also known as the second eldest daughter of ‘Real Housewives’ celebrity Yolanda Hadid (59 years old) and her ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid (73 years old).

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