Handball World Cup – Denmark’s reaction: – Wrong!

Handball World Cup – Denmark’s reaction: – Wrong!
  • World Cup Final Norway – France Sunday at 19.00
  • Denmark – Norway 28-29 (14-9) IU

Herning (Dagbladet): Heini Rystad delivered the decisive ball into the net. I got the pass from Nora Mork.

The Danes fled

This is what Mork did and what the Danes react to. Mork’s shot was a free throw. When she threw the ball, she stood with one foot inside the three-meter dotted line on the outside of the Danish court. Television images clearly show this, which is not allowed.

– Error of judgment at a crucial moment, writes the Danes TV 2.

Free throw: Nora Mörk during the match against Denmark.  Photo: Beyat Uma Dahli/NTB

Free throw: Nora Mörk during the match against Denmark. Photo: Beyat Uma Dahli/NTB
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They spoke to handball referee Henrik Mortensen. He confirmed that this was a refereeing error, but it did not give the Danes any reason to be angry.

– The free throw is executed incorrectly, but this happens several times during a handball match. “I don’t want to blame the judges,” Mortensen says.

French outbreak

French outbreak

– I am not saying that the referees cost Denmark the victory. But realistically it is the referee’s job to make sure the free throws are taken correctly, and that was not the case. We can find many such mistakes during the match, but this one doubles in value because it ends up being very decisive, Danish Channel 2 handball expert Bent Nygaard tells the channel.

After the match ended, the situation was replayed, as the referees went to the touchline and looked at the result. They chose to accept it.

Team Friends: Norway’s Vjeld Ingstad and France’s Laura Glauser screamed together in the interview area after the World Cup group final. But it was all just nonsense. Photography: Beate Uma Dahli/NTB Video: Myhrvold Simensen/Skingen/Dagbladet TV sporten
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While this was happening, the Norwegian players cheered wildly. They couldn’t comprehend the drama that was happening just a few meters away.

– I was absolutely sure that the result was good. I didn’t know it was a replay until you told me just now,” Stine Breedal Oftedal told Dagbladet after the match.

Norway will meet France in the World Cup final on Sunday at 19:00.

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