Allegations that North Korea delivered more artillery ammunition to Russia than the EU to Ukraine – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

Allegations that North Korea delivered more artillery ammunition to Russia than the EU to Ukraine – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

This week, the Ukrainian military led by Lt. Gen. Serhiy Nazhaev pointed out the role of North Korea and Iran in what he calls a resource war, in an interview with an American newspaper. ABC.

-We realize that resource war is now possible. Russia obtains its resources with the help of «Axis of Evil“It is North Korea and Iran,” Najib told ABC.

Russian authorities have denied on several occasions purchasing weapons and ammunition from North Korea. But since this summer, more and more people have gathered guide It could be true. Including satellite images showing a strong increase in ship traffic between Russia and North Korea.

Director of the Land Energy Department at the Norwegian Military Academy, Palle Ydstebø, believes the alleged purchase of ArtilleryMunitions from North Korea have given Russia an important advantage in the war in Ukraine.

There are a number of reports that nearly half of the artillery ammunition used by Russia in Ukraine today comes from North Korea, he said.

– Russia has also received drones from Iran that have proven important in the terrorist bombing campaign against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and population, Yedstepo says.

Lieutenant Colonel Bali Yedstepu is the head of the Land Forces Department at the Military School.

Photo: Matthias Moen Road

That would turn the situation upside down

Since Russia was forced to withdraw from Kherson last November, the war in Ukraine has been characterized by a war of positions with offensive attempts on both sides.

In positional warfare, artillery is a very important weapon.

– Artillery is the biggest loser. This has been since World War I. We also see this in Ukraine. Yedstepo says that 85% of the total losses in personnel and material come mainly from artillery.

According to the war researcher, Russia now fires an average of about 10,000 artillery shells per day, while Ukraine fires just over half that on average.

– Many observers who follow this closely claim that the only reason Russia is still able to maintain this artillery capability is because of North Korean ammunition. It should also be said that they should have received about 350,000 grenades from Iran earlier, says Yedstepo.

– What would this look like now if they didn’t have these? Artillery shells from North Korea?

-Then the situation will turn upside down. Then Ukraine would have actually had an artillery advantage and would have better dictated the battles on the front and would have had better opportunities to advance in selected sections, Ydstebø tells NRK.

Photo of the week gallery for Europe and Africa

Ukrainian soldiers fire artillery near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region in mid-December last year.

Photo: Lipkus/AP

The European Union is unable to provide enough artillery shells

Most of the artillery ammunition from Ukraine’s allies comes from the United States.

-And then South Korea also offered a good deal via the US. In addition, European countries sent a large number of migrants, Yedstepo says.

The German Defense Minister said earlier in November that European Union Won’t manage To achieve its goal of delivering one million artillery shells to Ukraine by March next year.

Member states are now discussing whether they should purchase artillery ammunition from countries outside the Union.

– There is a race between the European Union and Russia. Yedstepo says Russia has gained an advantage by cooperating with North Korea.

– There are different numbers about that, but we are talking about about 350 thousand grenades this year to Ukraine, and this is what the European Union seems to be able to provide and it is very far from what Ukraine needs, says Yedstepo.

According to what was reported by the American online newspaper Politico Many European Union countries Open to purchasing weapons from countries outside the Union.

Why didn’t EU countries do this before?

– To me, it seems that they simply have ambitions to get this for themselves, that is, the money should go to the EU’s own industry, says Yedstepo.

After all, North Korea is a country in poor economic shape compared to European Union countries. How did they manage to deliver so many grenades to Russia?

– It is a country that is practically at war and has been so since the creation of the state. The surplus that the elite do not take for themselves largely goes to defence, says Yedstepo.

It shows what the country said about the launch of Maljeong-1, a military spy satellite

An image from the North Korean government to show the launch. No independent journalist was allowed to cover this.

Photo: AP

– A great opportunity for North Korea

Asia researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Stine Tonesson, describes cooperation with Russia as a great opportunity for North Korea.

– For the North Korean leadership under Kim Jong Un, this is a great opportunity. They have been severely isolated during the pandemic with a huge decline in trade with China, and very little economic contact with Russia as well. And then Russia suddenly enters into a protracted war, which means it needs North Korea’s help. He says: A wonderful success for Kim Jong Un.

Tunson therefore believes that information from the intelligence services of South Korea and the United States that North Korea is selling artillery shells to Russia has been withheld.

“I think it is very likely that these reports based on satellite monitoring and other information are correct, and that North Korea took advantage,” says Tonneson.

Stone Tonson

PRIO’s Asian researcher, Stine Tonnesson.

Photo: Brio

I think China is the most skeptical about the new Eastern Bloc

Russia said in September that they That would help North Korea with its space program.

On Monday, North Korea deployed soldiers and heavy weapons to the border with South Korea after its southern neighbor canceled parts of the de-escalation agreement between the two countries in reaction to North Korea’s alleged success in launching a surveillance satellite.

In addition to obtaining much-needed foreign currency, technological assistance with its missile program and other parts of the military, cooperation with Russia would also be a way for North Korea to break out of its diplomatic isolation.

– Now, North Korea is, in a way, in a tense situation because of Russia’s big problem in Ukraine, Tonson says.

Not long ago, China and Russia were strong opponents of North Korea’s nuclear program. Through the six-party negotiations with South Korea, Japan, and the United States, they tried to pressure North Korea to cancel this program.

Now trade with China has picked up again.

– Tonson says that much is now developing in the direction of a bloc consisting of China, Russia and North Korea.

But the Asian researcher does not believe that the Chinese authorities want to be strongly linked to Russia and North Korea.

China prefers to be a great power in its own right and enjoys good relations with large parts of the world. It is preferable not to see it Beaten up at Hartcon He says that he is with Putin’s Russia and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Tonson describes the situation as tragic.

– It is very tragic and it is necessary to try to bring about development away from this formation, strengthen communication with China, and try to commit China to a policy that does not support Russia militarily.

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