Amazon founder Jeff Bezos told CNN he will donate most of his fortune to charity

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos told CNN he will donate most of his fortune to charity

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says in an interview with America CNN He plans to donate most of his fortune to charity.

Bezos is currently the fourth richest person in the world, with an estimated fortune of about $124 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

In an interview with CNN, the billionaire said that the money will go to, among other things, combating global warming, as well as “supporting people who can unite humanity in the face of deep social and political differences.”

Moreover, Bezos does not provide details about the organizations or people to whom he will distribute large portions of his vast fortune, but it nonetheless marks the first time that the Amazon founder has publicly stated that he will donate most of his money to charitable causes. According to CNN, Bezos previously received criticism for not joining The Giving Pledge, an initiative started by billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, which encourages America’s rich to donate at least half of their wealth to charitable causes during their lifetime.

We will not go into details

In an interview with CNN, the billionaire won’t go into detail about how the money will be distributed, to whom or exactly how much it will be.

Before, he committed $10 billion, about eight percent of his current values, over ten years to the Bezos Earth Fund, where his partner, Lauren Sanchez, sits on the board.

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The aim of this initiative is to reduce carbon emissions from cement and steel, promote climate measures by financial supervisory authorities and develop data and technology to measure carbon emissions.

Compare his philanthropic strategy to the years it took to build Amazon into a global superpower, which in itself has made him one of the most influential people in the world.

The hard part is figuring out how this can be done profitably. It’s not easy, but it wasn’t easy to make Amazon what it is today either. It required a lot of hard work and a group of very smart colleagues. Lauren and I think philanthropy, or philanthropy, requires much of the same thing, he says.

Reduction of assets by 70 billion DKK.

Thus, Jeff Bezos is the fourth richest person in the world, after the owner of Tesla Elon Musk, the French Bernard Arnault, and the Indian Gautam Adani.

As is known, Bezos resigned from his position as CEO of the e-commerce giant last fall, and since then he has distinguished himself, among other things, trip to space And he talked a lot about celebrating the New Year with partner Lauren Sanchez.

In an interview with CNN, Bezos said he and Sànchez are now “arranging for them to donate their money.” He also recently gave $100 million to artist Dolly Parton as part of an initiative called the Bezos Prize for Courage and Civility.

Jose Andres and CNN commentator Van Jones also received similar grants from the initiative.

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The interview with CNN, which lasted about 20 minutes, was conducted by journalist Chloe Millas and is the first meeting that brings Bezos and Sanchez together since they began their relationship in 2019.

According to Bloomberg, Bezos’ fortune has fallen by about $70 billion so far this year, in line with the drop in Amazon’s stock price. The online shopping giant is down more than 40 percent in the stock market so far in 2022. Bezos owns about ten percent of the company.

dry gunpowder

It has been no more than a month since Bezos used Twitter to warn his followers not to “fight the hatches”. In the Twitter message, Bezos attached a link to a video in which David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, warned that “there is a high possibility of a recession.”

The billionaire confirmed in an interview with CNN that the advice was intended for both families and businesses. For ordinary consumers, that may mean holding certain purchases on hold, while for businesses it may mean holding back a bit on big acquisitions and other expenses.

– Remove some hazards and keep the gunpowder dry. Just minimizing small risks can make a difference to small businesses, Bezos says, if we’re headed for an economic downturn in the future.

However, he was clear that he was optimistic about the “American Dream”, and believed that it would become more achievable in the future.

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